Mus Mew Mew

Mus Mew Mew is an AU story written by Sammy Mouse, all about mouse Mews. This is one of those things that might become an original fiction, so don't be surprised if it disappears at any point in time.


Mus Mice

The original Mus team, all died when their species' became extinct.

  • Great Hopping Mouse - Tinka Vonderville
  • Big-eared Hopping Mouse - Bessy Wilde
  • Blue-grey Hopping Mouse - Stephanie Millwood
  • Darling Downs Hopping Mouse - Nicole Richards
  • Goulds Mouse - Ella Cane
  • Long-tailed Hopping Mouse - Darla Burnsley
  • Short-tailed Hopping Mouse - Carla Burnsley

Alpha Mice

The next generation of Mus.

  • Desert Pygmy Mouse
  • Eurasian Harvest Mouse
  • Camiguin Forest Mouse
  • Striped Grass Mouse
  • Smoky Mouse

Beta Mice

Not as experienced as the Alphas, but higher ranked than the Metas.

  • Dusky Hopping Mouse - Adelheid Schwarz
  • Moon Striped Mouse
  • Matthey's Mouse
  • Little Native Mouse
  • Country Mouse

Meta Mice

The newest trainees.

  • Perdido Key Beach Mouse
  • Hastings River Mouse
  • Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
  • Alabama Beach Mouse
  • House Mouse


The masterminds behind it all.


Because every story needs a bad guy.

  • tba


In progress

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