Japanese Name マフィン
Age Unknown, Appears 18
Weapon Soul Scythes
Attack Yuu-Ki-Kama (Superior Spirit Scythes)
Height Approximately 173 cm - 178 cm (5'8 - 5'10)
Weight Approximately 63 kgs - 68 kgs (140 lbs - 150 lbs)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Yellow
Team Alien Trio
Position Second in Command
V.A. (English) Roxanne Beck
V.A. (Japanese) Satomi Akesaka
"You're a pathetic little parasite, that's all you and your entire species will ever be"

- Mythical Mew Mew

Muffin (マフィン) is one of the main villains of Mythical Mew Mew. She's a member of the Alien Trio.


Like most members of her race, Muffin has pale skin, long pointed ears, and small fangs. Her purple hair is tied in a short ponytail with a silver band, her yellow eyes have slit pupils. She wears a high-collared sleeveless purple shirt with a vest over her chest, her baggy shorts end at mid thigh. The waistband and leg-holes of her shorts are lined with gold.

Long, dull purple ribbons are attached to her shorts. Purple bandages are wrapped around her stomach and forearms. Her ankle-length boots are purple, with gold lining the top.


Muffin cares very little for others, whether alien or human, not caring if they die unless it directly affects her. She has an especially strong hate for humans, seeing them as disgusting leeches that should just die. Muffin is incredibly sadistic, willing to hurt someone if they so much as look at her the wrong way.



Muffin's weapons are a pair of sickles that she takes great pleasure in using.


Mythical Mew Mew


Mythical Mew Mew a La Carte



Muffin is a baked good that resembles a cupcake.


Name Changes

  • English - Cidica ('Acidic' backwards)
  • Italian - Mafin
  • Mandarin - Mǎ Fēn
  • Cantonese - Máah Fān
  • Korean - Muppin
  • Hebrew - Mafin
  • French - Cidica
  • Portuguese - Cidica
  • Albanian - Cidika

Voice Actresses

  • English - Roxanne Beck
  • Italian - Valeria Vidali


  • She shares a Japanese voice actress with Esdeath from Akame ga Kill.
  • She has the same English voice actress as Kozue Kaoru from Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Muffin was the first alien to be created.
  • She was initially going to be the only alien.