The story page is here.

This story carries heavy warnings for violence and also swearing apparently.

First: What's This?

In which science happens and Dr Ly hates everyone.
Characters introduced: Shirogane Ryo, Akasaka Keiichiro, Lan Yong Ly, and Xin Tsun Ly.

The introduction chapter where important things happen and magic exists.
 Characters introduced: Dawn Mulcahy, Victoria Mulcahy, Lila Mulcahy, Trina Langes, and Helena Astor.

  • Chapter Two

A bit of an infodump chapter, I'm so sorry.
Characters introduced: None.

  • Interlude: That's a terrible name for a café!
  • Interlude: They're not good enough!

  • Chapter Three

Characters introduced: Shadow.

  • Interlude: It's an old friend back from the dead.


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