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Momoka Hayashi

Alias mew momoka
race human
age 16
height 5"1
weight 110lbs
birthday oct. 26th
animal fused with Giant panda
family sister-Aiko Hayashi


novels Project Mew Mew


She is definitely down to earth, and eager to be recognized as an adult. she has a childish, flirtatious side that appears when she gets excited over something. She can also be seen as a cautious older sister, but her personality flips between childish and mature quite often.



she has chocolate brown hair draping down to her mid back, which she normally pulls into a pigtail. Her style consists of black and white clothes, which she often adds a "mood color" to. When shocked by something her panda ears pop up as well as her tail.

Mew Mew


Weapon: club, hoop, or ribbons (it varies depending on attack)

Attack(s): flamboyant Momoka ribbons, brisk Momoka clubs, and hoop Momoka deception



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