Mizushima Gel
Japanese Name 水島ゲル
Mew Name Mew Jelly
Age 13
Animal Arctic Wolf
Hair Color Turquoise (Gel)
Dark and Light Blue (Mew Jelly)
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type A+
Likes Skateboarding
Dislikes Being someone who they aren't
Relatives Minto Aizawa
Unknown father
Nicknames Gelly
Team MP
Position Fighter
Mizushima Gel (水島ゲル) is one of the main characters in Tokyo Mew Mew: Parfait. Her D.N.A is fused with an Arctic Wolf.


Mizushima Gel

Same as Tarte, Gel has a boyish cut length to her chin. A couple of bangs cover pop out and either cover her face or out of the way.

Mew Jelly

Gel's hair grows much longer. Her bangs become larger. Its color became a blend of dark and light blue. Her chin-length hair grew a little.


is the hot-headed, "cool" Mew. Gel is a sporty preteen who loves to play soccer, baseball, skateboard, and etc. She's also very childish, but "better" to put up with. 



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