Mew mint chocolate


Mintochokoreto is a very sweet girl with alot of energy. She is intelligent and very crafty. She can trick someone easily and will use this to her advantage. She is otherwise sweet and doesn't hurt anyone without cause.

Mew Form

In her Mew form she is infused with the genes of the Giant Otter. Her outfit consits of two garters with the usual puffy sleves and choker. She has the fur on top of her dress which has a skirt with lace at the bottom. Her left garter has a bow. Her main and eye color is a mint green whereas her trim is a brown. Her ears and hair are a chocolate brown. Her tail has a bow on it. Her gloves are simple with a trim. Her shoes are white flats with bows and short socks. She also has a bow on the back of her outfit. Her eyes are mint green. Her mew mark pendant marking are a mint green.

Her weapon is the Mint Chocolate Rattle, her attack is know as, "Ribbon Mint Chocolate Melody!" which lulls enemies to sleep.

Biographical Information
Age 14
Relatives Unanamed Mother and Father
Alias Mew Mint Chocolate
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 95lbs
Description Skinny and short.
Mew Form
Animal DNA Giant Otter
Weapon Mint Chocolate Rattle
Abilities Put enemies to sleep
Mew Mark Undecided
Other Information
Talents Trickery and magic
Pets N/A
Likes Impractically everything


  • Her name translates into, "Mint Chocolate Sweet-Green."
  • She my only Mew with two garters
  • My reason for her having two garters is that the leader of the team, Mew Ribbon Candy can't always make it, so Mint Chocolate takes charge when she's not around.

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