Mew Mew Le France~ (ミュウミュウザフランス~ Myuu Myuu Za Furansu~) is a magical girl anime series, based upon the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series, with a kind of French twist.


The story takes place centuries ago in ancient France. When at the time the war between France, Japan and Europe broke out, bringing chaos to all three countries without any reason of the wars' source or beginning until the discovery of nine aliens known as the Chimère in addition to their animal like underlings called Hybrides. So the french goddess of wisdom, Sage used her powers to select the DNA of five of the world's most endangered animals and place them into a set of five pendants before sending them to earth, where they would connect to the soul of a newborn baby.

Now 14 years later, happy go-lucky teenager, Akirasawa Parfait had won a pendant in a claw game the other day, when she begins having strange visions involving a leopard and one morning wakes up with the pendant glowing. Following day, she realizes that her best friend, Hojo Crepe is also in possession of a pendant alongside a happy and cheerful elementary student, Akayama Macaron. So now the trio must find the final two Mew Mew in order to stop the Chimère before its too late.


Mew Mew

Akirasawa Parfait / Mew Parfait

Hojo Crepe / Mew Crepe

Akayama Macaron / Mew Macaron

Yamaguchi Chocolate / Mew Chocolat

Shiroyuki Creampuff / Mew Creampuff


  • Zaza
  • Galon
  • Haff
  • Remmi



Logo, Titles ect.

Fused Animals

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