Mew Mew Le France~ (ミュウミュウザフランス~ Myuu Myuu Za Furansu~) is a magical girl anime series, based upon the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series, with a kind of French twist. The series was created by Haruna.

The series opening is Bonjour or Kon'nichiwa~!, sung by Miyamoto Kanako, while the ending song is Deux Dreamer by Rise Hikisaka, Karin Miyama, Mariya Ise and Kana Asumi. 


The story takes place centuries ago in ancient France... When at the time the war between France, Japan and Europe broke out, bringing chaos to all three countries without any reason of the wars' source or beginning? Months after, the was the discovery of nine aliens, who call themselves The Chimère, in addition to their animal like underlings called Hybrides. So the French guardian and deity known as Sage, used her power to select the DNA of five of the world's most endangered animals and place them into a set of pendants and sending them into space, where they would bond with their chosen Mews.  Although, out of the blue, a sixth pendant was found, without an owner and accuring to myth and Sage's words, lost forever. Just where is it, and where is it's Mew? 


Mew Mew

The Chimère



  • Cafe La France - French/Japanese cafe located in Millfeule A La Carte and where Parfait Arisugawa, Crepe Hojo, Jelly Kohinata and Macaron Akayama work. It is also a cover up and main base of all Mew-related operations. 
  • Future Academy - The private school attended by either the rich, talently gifted or by prodigies. Parfait Arisugawa, Crepe Hojo, Jelly Kohinata and Macaron Akayama. 
  • Tour de Sakura - Main location. This large city has a mix of both French and Japanese culture, and features a set of five Prefectures, or as they specifically call them, "A La Cartes". The series is set in the Millfeulle A La Carte. The additional four are:
    • Poilane (ポウラン)
    • Bertinet (バートネット)
    • Mont Blanc (モンブラン)
    • Crème Brûlée (クリームブリュレ)

Beyond Earth

  • Gate of Deux - Sage's home located in a small pocket dimsension between Earth and the Sun. The Mews are able to be transported there and back to Earth, by the use of their pendants, both in and out of Mew form. 
  • Alien's Planet - Homeworld of The Chimère.