Mew Forms

Mew Forms are the transformations of girls whose DNA is accepting of and has been merged with that of an animal. A Mew form is the typical magical girl with a flashy costume and special weapons and powers. Mew forms can also be morphed or merged and through that, changed (for example the Mew Crystal upgrades in Emerald Mew Mew.)

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Costume and Changes

When a girl is in her mew form, a variety of things will change about her appearance.

Mew clothes

diagram of a mewfit.

The most noticeable difference is the appearance of animal features due to the injected animal DNA. Most commonly, these features appear as ears, tails and wings, however other features can also appear.

Secondly, their hair and eye colour are likely to change. This can change to a lighter version of their original hair/eye colour or a completely different colour which matched their uniform. In Fanon, the colour changes vary wildly depending on the creator, though the general idea is they stick to the aforementioned rules.

Third, the costume. The mew costume can vary again, and comes in all shapes and forms. The general rules are that the costume should cover the body and have a vertical striped pattern with puff sleeves, a choker, a pendant, a garter, arm coverings and shoes. However there are many different variations that are available, and many designs ignore certain aspects of the uniform.

Lastly, the colour scheme of the costume and hair. Usually mews have two colours, but wider colour pallets are accepted. The main colour will usually be the majority of the design, and the secondary colour will be the accents and fluffs on the design. However with wider colour schemes and more detailed designs, the colours can be anywhere as well as there being more than two colours in the pallet - it's often common in fanon for there to be three or more colours involved in the design. Furthermore, the colours are usually analogue to each other or simply shades of the same colour, though there is no restrictions on the colours picked.

List of Species by User

Keep in mind some species are NOT really endangered.

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Ribbon Mew Mew

Kiera the bat

  • Mission Blue Butterfly - Mew Amber
  • Blue-eyed Darner - Mew Something.
  • Himalayan Wolf - Mew Mikaela


Mu Mew Myu





Mythical Mew Mew

World Wide Mew Mew

Mew Trio

Princess Mew Mews

Keystone Mew Mews

Bon Vivant Mew Mew


Sammy Mouse

Mew Mew Power: Apprentice

Mus Mew Mew

  • Great Hopping Mouse
  • Big-eared Hopping Mouse
  • Blue-grey Mouse
  • Darling Downs Hopping Mouse
  • Goulds Mouse
  • Long-tailed Hopping Mouse
  • Short-tailed Hopping Mouse
  • Eurasian Harvest Mouse
  • Dusky Hopping Mouse
  • Camiguin Forest Mouse
  • Country Mouse
  • Little Native Mouse
  • Matthey's Mouse
  • Moon Striped Mouse
  • Smoky Mouse
  • Striped Grass Mouse
  • Desert Pygmy Mouse
  • Perdido Key Beach Mouse
  • Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
  • Hastings River Mouse
  • Alabama Beach Mouse
  • House Mouse


Shiny re


Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced
NK4 Project

Neotype Mew Mew


  • Spotted Dolphin - Tiana Yuki
  • Pending Scorpion 
  • Pending Snake 
  • Pending Kangaroo 


2D Wonderland

Tokyo Mew Mew Sucre Glace

Note that these Mew Mews are infused with endangered flower DNA as well as animals

  • Jamaican Flower Bat/wood lily - Mew Garlic
  • Amur Tiger/thorny popolo - Mew Apricot
  • Mississippi Valley Wolf/spotted ladysthumb - Mew Chestnut
  • Ili Pika/alkalai buttercup - Mew Ginger
  • Palmer's Chipmunk/rosepink - Mew Toffee


Note that these Mews are infused with food DNA as well as animals.

  • White Tail Doe / Mandarin Orange - Mew Lollipop
  • Sugar Glider / Mint - Mew Gumdrop
  • Raccon / Poprocks / Spright (Soda) - Mew Fizz
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly / Berrys and berry juice - Mew BonBon


Princess Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew: Konaharuwootashi

Happy Sweet Mews

Inmates and Aquatic Mew Mews

  • German Shepherd - Shui Mew Cream
  • Mimic Octopus - Akira Mew Cranberry
  • Dormouse - Brook Mew Cactus
  • Black-tailed Jackrabbit - Nico Mew Pocky
  • Kangaroo Rat - Luka Mew Caramel
  • Miniature Horse - Ruke Mew Mandarine
  • Tawny Frogmouth - Hina Mew Lychee
  • Komodo Dragon - Sashi Mew Eggplant
  • Bengal Slow Loris - Upa Mew Popcorn
  • Racoon Dog - Liang Mew Snowskin Mooncake
  • Bao Constrictor - Qi Mew Apple
  • Dragon Eel - Kid Mew Honey
  • Snowflake Eel - Sake Mew Starfruit
  • Football Anglerfish - Anko Momo Mew Peach
  • Red-Eyed Pufferfish - Nami Sanji Mew Chocolate
  • Japanese Eel - Memeko Charlotte Mew Bearberry
  • Hourglass Dolhpin - Corazon Donquixote Mew Cheese

Household Mew Mews

Shinsengumi Mew Mews

Akatsuki Mew Mew

Country Mew Mews