Merlin is a fanmade character for the anime and manga series Tokyo Mew Mew. His DNA is merged with a Mediterranean Monk Seal.  


  • Birth date: March 12th
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • School: Unknown
  • Grade: 8th (2nd year middle school student by Japanese standards)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Affliations: Sprite




A little thinner than average, Merlin is otherwise normal in stature, and has neat silver curls, pale blue eyes and ivory skin. Always looking a little nervous, he is often seen pulled along by his twin brother with a sketchpad held tightly held in his arms. When not in his Sprite uniform, he wears smart casuals in dull, subdued colours. 


Merlin's uniform consists of black shorts with a tucked-in, black-striped teal shirt under a black buttoned-up waist coat and a black neck ribbon. With this he wears knee-length teal socks and black buckled shoes. During his transformation, his eyes turn silver and his hair pale blue, and, like his brother, a thin coating of dark fur covers his hands and neck. 


The polar opposite of his twin brother, Merlin is a very timid, gentle and kind-hearted boy who likes to sketch in his free time and generally stay out of the way. He says very little, and when he says anything he is usually apologising. He gets scared easily, and it shows, but he can be stubborn when he puts his mind to it, and once he has made up his mind he won't back down easily.       

Although he doesn't talk very much and he's rather clumsy, Merlin is hard-working and smart, juggling his life as a member of Sprite and as a student with ease, and still finds time to take out his drawing pad and sketch. He is the kind of person who is content with small things, such as good weather and sharpened pencils, but also worries a lot about little details and often ends up with a head-ache because of them.  

He speaks in an extremely soft, polite manner, although he is notably more at ease with his brother, Caspian, and is not above scolding him - gently - when he does something wrong. 


  • Like the other members of Sprite, he is named after a character of fiction, the wizard Merlin. His name comes from the Welsh name Myrddin (sea fortress), which reflects his twin's name, Caspian, after the so-called sea.  
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