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Is one of the  Makiling Mew Mew and is known as Mew Sky.


She was a young lady living at  the subdivision at the foot of Makiling. She met Jolina Llanes[1] and the became close friends. They would always read the story book of Maria Makiling, the enchantress of the mountain. Jolina told her that they will climb up the mountain to investigate about it. They were investigating when a portal appeared pulling them into it. They held on a tree but they were flown inside it. Then they found themselves into a beautiful garden along with the 3 other girls: Rosa IndenfosoTrisha Gomez and Estrella Loe . They looked around the place when Maria Makiling appeared. They were all shocked for she was real except, Trisha for she knew her all along. Trish told them that she was Makiling's companion. Makiling then revealed about the chimera. Of course, Jolina and Maria Got interested. When they are finished  

Maria C. Buenaventura
Mew Name Mew Sky
Age 16
Animal Karnel Blue Butterfly
Weapon Blue Jingle Bell
Attack Ribbon Jing aling Force
Zodiac Pisces
Birthday March 2
Height 4'8
Weight 39 lbs
Hair Color Mew Mew: Light orange Human: Dark orange
Eye Color Mew Mew: yellow Human: black
Blood Type D
Likes Flowers, Anime, Butterflies, Ribbons
Dislikes Garbage, Worms, Pimples
Relatives Rolando T. Buenaventura Leovina C. Buenoventura
Nicknames Mary Young Caterpillar (Makiling)
Team Makiling Mew Mew
Position Member

being combined with animals, she came out well. Makiling was pleased so she decided to train them.


Being brash and young, she was the headstrong and brave, young lady of the group. She was easily offended especially if Estrella pranks around. However, she was like an older sister to Estrella even she was easily angered with her. She has a close bond  with Jolina. 

Powers and Weapons

She was fused with a blue Karnel Butterfly. Her weapon  is called Blue Jingle Bell. Her attack by weapon is Ribbon Jing aling Force. Her speacial ability is the Power of Air.


As Human 

She has dark orange hair that are tied almost like Mint'swith black eyes. She wears a blue vest with a brown T-shirt inside it. She also has black shoes.

As Mew Mew

Her light  orange hair is pony  tailed with yellow eyes. Her outfit  is the same as Lettuce but dark orange instead of green. She has wrist bands and long boots. She gets butterfly  antennae and wings.

Her theme song is Tic Toc by Kesha .

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