Makiling Mew Mew is created by Dheliavambong.      


Mt. Makiling (sorry, there is no clipart of it)


In the Philippines, Mt. Makiling is an indeed beautiful site. Many tourists had been attracted by this mountain. The legend says that a beautiful enchantress named Maria Makiling guarded the mountain. She disappeared for people abused her kindness. Little did the people knew that she was still there, watching over them. She got worried for the animals are acting strange. She then found out that alien life forms did this. Worried for both safety of wildlife and human kind, she wandered off, looking for endangered animals. Instead of choosing something native to the place, she wanted to do something different. She looked for these five animals: a red wolf, karner blue butterfly, white tiger, vaquita porpoise and a yangtze river dolphin.

The she must search for 5 kind, young ladies to suit this mission : Rosa Indenfoso, for she would always see her planting trees near Makiling; Maria Buenoventura and Jolina Llanes, sh would always see them cleaning some of Makiling's lowland parts and encourages others to do so; Estrella Loe, she helped a little bird to climb to its nest and untangled the trap a mouse deer has encountered; and the only girl who sees her: Trisha Gomez, her companion and the one who tells her anything that happens to the Laguna province. She teleported the girls to tell all about the Chimera, the girls got interested except Rosa for she haven't got any friends she was always alone. Maria Makiling encouraged her to do so. Later she agreed. Maria Makiling let them choose the name of their group. They've always heard the Tokyo Mew Mew in Japan, so they decided to change Tokyo to Makiling. Their team consist of 5 girls with different backgrounds. Each one has a weapon and 1 special ability. She created 3 Side Mew Mews, just in case something goes wrong.


Jolina Llanes - the leader of the group. She is a kind girl and investigates first before believing something. She is loyal to Maria Makiling and would obey her anything she asked for. 

Maria Buenaventura - she is a brave young lady and was easily offended. Whether something or someone makes fun of the team, she would fight back and was really headstrong, generous

Trisha Gomez - she is the first one to meet Makiling. This happened when she almost fell on the cliff, Maria saved her. She was a polite person and extremely shy.

Estrella Loe - she was the youngest of the group. She is  a bubbly, energetic child who loves making fun of anything and is usually a cry baby.

Rosa Indenfoso - she was a pale slim young woman who prefers to be alone all the time. She loves staying in forests and talking to animals.

Kiara Delos Santos - a side mew mew, she is the genius in the team. Others often poke her because of her intelligence but she never listens to them and always proves herself that brains win over brawls.

Chiqui Garcia

Maria Makiling - a beautiful enchantress who guarded Mt. Makiling. She made the Makiling Mew Mews.

Lorenzo - a young alien who sent Alfredo to sent the chimeras to Laguna. He wanted Laguna for himself and was really cruel and cold blooded.

Alfredo - a young alien who was sent by Lorenzo. He controls chimeras and made them out of human spirit. He was often distracted for he's got a bid crush on Jolina, but the feeling was not mutual.

Chris - a little alien and the youngest of the trio.  He was such a prakster and calls others names, except Estrella his crush. Their feelings were mutual.


( This one is not yet complete)

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Maria Makiling

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