Magdalena Sparkle
Japanese Name マグダレナ スパークル
Mew Name Mew Fire
Age 13
Animal African Liom
Transformation Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!
Weapon Scepter of Fireland
Pyro Blades
Attack Sparkling Flame Finale!
Mythical Flame Purification!
Zodiac Leo
Birthday 4th August
Height 162cm
Weight 59kg
Hair Color Dark Red (Magdalena)
Red (Mew Fire)
Eye Color Dark Red (Magdalena)
Red (Mew Fire)
Blood Type 100% Lava
Likes Ice cream, summer,

Fashion, heat and fire,

Pink and red, her BFFs
Dislikes People who want to
hurt her friends
Relatives Twilight Sparkle (Big Sister)

Shining Armor (Big Brother)
Princess Cadence (Sister in Law)
Twilight Velvet (2nd mother)
Night Light (2nd father)
Princess Molly (Mother)

Prince Sunoark (Father)
Nicknames Maggie, Sparkly,
Flamy Princess, Lena, Magy
Team Mew Mew Harmony
Position Leader
Character Themes Mz. Hyde - Halestorm

Magdalena Sparkle (マグダレナ スパークル Magudarena Supākuru) is the leader of the Mew Mew Harmony. She's also leader of their pop group named ღElemental∿Heartღ. Magdalena lives with her second parents and siblings. She's thirteen years old, often friendly and enthusiastic, but when it comes to battle, her leader side is taking control.

Her alter ego is Mew Fire (ミュウファイアー Myuu Faiā)



Magdalena is 162cm in height and 59kg in weight. She has dark red eyes and dark red curly hair that reaches her chest. Her look is very mature for her years, as others say. Magdalena usually wears fashionable, but comfy oufits in her favorite colors or colors of her mood.

Fire's Mark

Fire's Mark

Mew Fire

Mew Fire has long, pure red hair with pair of lion ears and fiery red eyes. She has pink choker with her gold winged heart as her transformation item. Fire wears short hot pink dress with lion tail and has gloves with the same color. Her garter is on her right leg. She wears hot pink high heels that reaches under her knee. Fire has red lace lining the top of her dress and the top and bottom of her arm garters, leg garter, gloves, high heels and her choker.

Mew Mark

Magdalena's mew mark is located on Magdalena's left thigh at outer side. It's winged heart with lion ears and tail, and with small decorations around.


Magdalena is optimistic, cheerful and outgoing girl that likes to makes friends and help others. Still, sometimes she's very bossy and stubborn. She has real fire temperament, as she knows how to 'blow up' when something is unfairly to others. Magdalena can very well get along with other people, no matter of personality, usually changing her way of approach, making the other person more comfortable to talk with her. Whenever Taylor and Neyla fight, Magdalena is the one to calm them down, remembering then that is fight part of their friendship, but they are not supposed to take it too far, that far that they'll forgot what friendship really is. 


Magdalena's DNA is fused with African Lion. Her transformation item is her pink winged heart necklace that symbolizes friendship between the teammates. After having her DNA fused, Magdalena's very elegant and agile, faster runner then before and she's better in sneaking. She always loved meat, but now he adores it. Magdalena does not take fall damage and can't climd trees very good. She's stronger then before and her nose can smell almost anything. She can turn into African Lion by pinching her Mew Mark. If she's angry, upset, suprised, scared or pleased, lion ears and tail can pop out.


Magdalena activates her Mew Heart necklace by giving it hers DNA with kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Harmony, Harmonize!". It starts to spread sparks. The next scene shows Magdalena into position where she's making a heart spahe with her hands. Behind her, hers DNA is totally fused with African Lion's. Afterwards, fire totally swallows her, showing how her hair and eyes changes, making her ears and tail appear. Fire circles appear around her, transforming into Mew Fire's outfit. At the end, her Mew Heart becomes golden and attached to her choker. Her final pose is with her right hand on her right hip. Background is filled with blazing flames.

Weapons and Attacks

Mew Fire PNG

Mew Fire with her main weapon, Scepter of Fireland


Mew Fire's weapon is Scepter of Fireland. Scepter is hot pink color with flame symbols around it. It has hot pink heart at the end of the scepter, with flame-shaped symbol with hot pink heart-shaped ruby and thick red belt with hot pink heart on the top. Scepter is medium sized. It can turn into two katanas with red end, hot pink heart and fire symbols at the top. Blades are made out of pink ruby. Weapon's called Pyro Blades. 


Fire's first finisher attack is "Sparkling Flame Finale!". It has power to purify Dyorixes and change everythin g back to normal. Her second finisher attack is "Mythical Flame Purification!". It's upgraded version of first finisher. When she's with the group, she can preform "Mew Cosmical Balance!".

Her sub-attacks are: Fire Heart, Fire Kick, Fire Punch, Dancing Flames, Ultra Blaze, Dragon Roar, Phoenix Wings.

Her defense spells are: Phoenix Embrace, Lava Sphere, Dragon Defense, Flaming Love. 


Taylor Ivy

Taylor and Magdalena are really good friends. Taylor always asks Magdalena for advices for every situation and both are big lovers of flower fashion. Magdalena likes to see Taylor's wild nature, like she does when Taylor determine something so badly, she'll do anything, even go totally wild and weird. Magdalena, along with Neyla, always pushes Taylor outside her shadow, as Taylor is very calm and serene, whish almost makes her very unsocial. Magdalena likes to call Taylor, other than Tay, 'Flowey' as a reference to Undertale's reference, because, as Magdalena thinks, Taylor is similiar to Flowey, but in a good way.

Neyla Peles

Neyla and Magdalena are big fashion lovers. Everything that's on this season, they'll know and spread it to who doesn't know. They're modern abbreviations users, so they need to explain some things to Tay. Neyla and Magdalena are more childish then Taylor, as she's the oldest. They're big fans of art as well, so they often draw together, as Magdalena likes to give Neyla tips about what good drawing need to have. Magdalena likes to call Neyla Nel, and Neyla likes to call Magdalena Magy.

Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo and Magdalena are very good friends, as both are leaders of each Mew Mew Team and have cat DNA. Always in movement, always in some sort of hurry. Magdalena often gives and advice to Ichigo from time to time, while Ichigo likes to recomment all of Café Mew Mew's strawberry deserts.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is Magdalena's only and favorite sister. Twilight took Magdalena "under her wing" and taught Magdalena of all magical things about books and reading, that's why Magdalena likes to read so much. Magdalena idolizes Twilight as perfect princess, great leader and tutor and loyal big sister.

Shining Armor

Shining is way older then Magdalena, but he likes to be overprotective of both of his younger sisters. He liked to play with Magdalena when she was yet brought to Velvet's family, and he was very caring and lovable big brother. Magdalena always looked up to him, as a brave soldier and playful big brother.

Princess Molly / Prince Sunoark

Because Magdalena was too young when her parents were alive, she doesn't even remember them.

Twilight Velvet / Night Light

Magdalena has very good relationship with her mother's sister and her husband, but now, Magdalena sees them as her real parents number 2. However, Magdalena has great relationship Velvet and Night, always looking at them as perfect and caring parents, wanting to be perfect and caring daughter and make them proud of her.

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