I don't even know why I bothered putting a date here pfft.


So I've been trying to design the last Mew I need for months now and I've finally given up so now I'm holding a contest
Clothing Base

Lucky's generic base for designing clothing. Usage not required pfft.

~yeah~.  This is a pretty informal kind of thing so I don't have any rules really.  If you want you can submit more than one thing (you'll still only get one prize though) because really guys I need a design for her this is really bothering me.


I guess I can offer whatever pretty much.  I'll choose a first, second, third, but I'm thinking maybe I'll even just do something for everyone who enters (because in case you don't understand, not having a design for this character is making me go crazy it's actually rediculous pfft).

  • First: Like a fully colored full body pic of two or three characters with a background or something (I make no promises about bg quality).
  • Second: A full body pic of one character.
  • Third: Maybe just a waist-up shot or a chibi or something.
  • And if I end up doing something for everyone else then it'll probably just be a head shot or something.

NB: Designs

  • She's infused with the Erect-Crested Penguin.

    Because polar bears.

  • I don't have anything specific in mind for her colors, but her eyes do need to be some shade of golden yellow and this is non-negotiable because of reasons.
  • She's related to my other cold weather Mew and they have the same hair color (you can give her streaks or whatever if you want, but the base color has to be blonde).
  • Also if you wanted to incorperate some of the elements of Kate's design into hers then that would be okay.
  • Her design shouldn't clash with any of my other Mews so she needs to have the garter/choker/puffs combo (the garter has to be on only the left leg or on both legs, not only on the right leg) and the stripey fabric at least for her top.
  • Also, I know some of them don't have one, but this Mew does need a Mew pendant.

That's pretty much it, I think.


Please do the thing for me guys.

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