London Mew Mew is a fan fiction created by Mew Amelia. It centers around what could have happened when Ichigo was in England during A La Mode. Amelia has guessed that it took a few months, so a lot might have happened. Ichigo returns along with 4 new girls and a rebel. Masaya is also a character, but he makes only minor appearances.


Ichigo arrives in London ith Masaya. Despite feeling uncomfortable with this new place, she quickly learns that there is many great things about it. After learning some starter english conversations from Masaya, she meets Amy Gnuman, a young girl who is fascinated with Ichigo's culture. When they find chimera attacking, Ichigo tries to transform, but has no avail since she is still getting her powers back. Amy suddenly transforms into Mew Mango, and defeats them with Ichigo's encouragement. She learns that Amy has had these powers for a while, and she never told anybody. Smiling, Ichigo realizes things won't be so bad after all, and goes off to find the other mews.



Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo returns as the main protagonist, but she has a new mission-to teach 5 girls how to be mews. Since she is older, she's a little bit more mature but still tries to be happy and sweet for Masaya's sake. Ichigo makes friends with Amy, who knows some Japanese since her grandmother is from Japan, making conversations easier. Ichigo also is great relationships with the other girls, except for Regina, as she is suspicious about her. Her suspicions are proved to be correct when Regina is in fact working with the Yorkshire 7. Ichigo soon regains her powers and travels back to Japan at the end of the series, signifying that the Mews training is finished.

Amy Gnuman

Some may argue that Amy is in fact the true protagonist of London Mew Mew. While she is in fact a major character, she is not the main POV. Amy is happy, ditzy, and dorky, being a big fan of the Mews. She feels that if she doesn't be like other people or somebody famous, she'll never be known. Yet after meeting Ichigo, she finds out it's ok to be yourself. She is infused with the DNA of a Snow Leopard and becomes Mew Mango. Her weapon is the Amango Viola and her attack is Ribbon Mango Flora. Her element is nature.

Priscilla Drake


Cloe Jasmine



Regina Sauce



Amy Gnuman's last name is actually a scrambled version of Mangue, the french word for Mango. This is fitting since Amy's father is french.

Regina is a Mew Mew until she revealss she is working with the YorkShire 7. She later returns but is often not trusted by her teammates.

Ichigo is 15 in London Mew Mew, signifying this takes place a few years afterwards Tokyo Mew Mew.

Despite the fact Ichigo is a major character, she never actually transforms until the ending. Because of this, some argue that Amy is the main character, and the story is just from Ichigo's POV. This is false, as Amy is a secondary character.

Unless the chapter is a Mews' debut chapter, the story is told mostly from Ichigo and Amy's POV.


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