Loki is a fanmade character for the anime and manga series Tokyo Mew Mew. His DNA is merged with a Philippine Eagle.


  • Birth date: February 3rd
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • School: Unknown
  • Grade: 11th (2nd year high school student by Japanese standards)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Affliations: Sprite




The most regal of all the Sprite members and a little wild-looking, Loki has spiky dark green hair with long bangs swept over his brow, and towers over his younger team-mates. His skin is tanned and his sharp eyes amber, and his casuals are usually in earth colours and, though informal, generally quite tidy. He also has a penchant for large hoods.


During his transformation, Loki's hair turns a much paler shade of green, and his eyes are golden. He sports large brown wings on his back and a tail, and his hair becomes somewhat wilder. His uniform consists of a black-striped light green shirt, tucked inside black suit trousers, a black tie, a long black trench cloat with light green gloves and black shoes.


Due to his subdued personality, his immense physical presence and grave air tend to scare people away. However, he is very sincere and, while completely alien to the rules of social etiquette, he is kind at heart. Loki likes to read in his free time and calmly spending time outside.

He speaks rather sternly, but otherwise keeps a silently vigilant eye on the younger ones as the most responsible member of the group. He seems to have a lot of experience on how to handle them, as he can do his work and seperate a squabble without looking. While his stony expression gives nothing away, he also appears to have a soft spot for children and cute things in general, and rarely loses his temper, no matter what the situation.

Loki doesn't like to use physical violence to solve problems, but he is incredibly strong, and has highly accurate hunches when it comes to what people are feeling.


  • Loki's name derives from the Old Norse word lopt ('air'), and, similar to the other Sprite members, is also a reference to the mythological spirit in Norse legend.
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