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Lilian "Lila" Mulcahy is a major recurring character in Mu Mew Myu. Her first appearance is in chapter one.

Lila Mulcahy

Lila is the younger sibling of Mew Dawn Mulcahy, the older twin of Lee Mulcahy, and the daughter of Victoria and Kevin Mulcahy. She is an important character to the story, and is very supportive of her sister when she finds out she's a Mew.


Lila is highly intelligent and because of this, can be a bit of a know-it-all. She's incredibly adept at solving puzzles, picks up new skills quickly, and skipped a grade in school when she was younger. Because of this, she has moments where she thinks she's better than other people. This is something many people find annoying, and as a result, Lila often has a hard time keeping close friends.

She is also a very picky person. Whether it be in relation to her food, the way her clothes get put away, or how she organizes her school books. This doesn't necessarily mean she likes to keep things neat and tidy (in fact the only one who ever cleans their shared room is Dawn), but Lila has a system and doesn't like when it's disrupted. Because of this, she is always quite organized and the family has learnt that if they ever need something, then the fastest way to get it is to ask Lila.


Lila is a teenage girl of slightly short average height (but still growing, she insists). In contrast to her athletic older sister, she is chubby, with most of her extra weight going to her gut and chest. She is quite busty, but thinks of it as more of an inconvenience than anything else (but if Dawn wants to be jealous every once and a while, she'll let her be). Despite their difference in height, Lila wears the same shoe size as her mother, and often steals her heeled shoes to make herself look a few inches taller.

Her hair is dark brown with distinct reddish undertones. She likes to keep it long, and despite her mother trying to bribe her to get a haircut, it currently reaches nearly down to her butt. Even though it's very long, Lila always takes good care of her hair, so it's always healthy and shiny. She has bright blue eyes which she swears up and down have hints of green in them. Like the rest of her family, she has freckles. Hers are quite light for her skin tone, and are evenly spread throughout her body with a noticeable absence of them on her face.

Lila is unquestionably the girlier of the two Mulcahy sisters. She likes wearing skirts of any sort, and all kinds of clothing she declares cute. As soon as the weather starts getting cold, she will start wearing large fuzzy sweaters, and won't take them off until the spring. She goes to a private school, and thus, her uniform is rather formal. It consists of a blue pleated skirt and collared white shirt, along with many optional pieces (Lila is rather fond of the sweater vest and tie).


  • Lila is the older of the Mulcahy twins, and the well adjusted middle child of the family.
  • She's one of the non-Mews who works at Café Shooting Star, along with Vans Hart.


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