Biographical Information
  • 黎 ly meaning "dark"
  • 蘭 lan meaning "orchid"
  • yong meaning "brave"

Early fifties

  • A former husband of some sort
  • Xiang Bao Ly (daughter)
  • Xin Tsun Ly (daughter)
Physical Description





5'4" (when standing)


~95 lbs (w/o prosthetics)

  • Black hair
  • Her hair is quite long, but usually kept up in a bun so it's out of her way
  • Dark brown eyes
  • Black plastic-rimmed glasses
  • Sickly pale skin
Political Alignment

The Mew Project


Bioengineering (with more emphasis on the engineering than the bio)

Dr Lan Yong Ly is one of the three scientists currently working on the Mew Project in Mu Mew Myu. Her first appearance is in the prologue. Her first "official" appearance won't be for a very long time.


Dr Ly has a very abrasive personality. She doesn't get along well with anyone, least of all her coworkers. Work is the focal point of her life, so she takes it very seriously and is not afraid to berate anyone she perceives to be "slacking off". Many of her coworkers would describe her as quick to anger and it's very true. If something is not to her liking then she isn't afraid to lash out at whoever or whatever is displeasing her.

She comes off as quite cold, but actually enjoys the company of those who she is close to. Her problem is that there is no longer anyone she considers herself particularly close to and so defaults to shutting herself off from the rest of the world. Most things in her life she would rather keep private and sharing information about herself isn't something she enjoys doing. It's to the point where Shirogane and Akasaka know more about her than her daughter simply because they have been able to closely observe the changes in her personality over many years.


Even though she's only in her early fifties, a lifetime of stress and her more recent illness have left Dr Ly looking old and sick. She's deathly skinny and seems to permanently have dark circles under her eyes (most of the time these are camouflaged by her glasses, but they're quite striking when not hidden in shadow).

Her eyes are a muddy dark brown that seem to have a dull, lackluster quality about them except when she's getting really passionate about something. She has black hair that hasn't been cut in years and is full of split ends. It is normally kept up in a bun so that it stays out of her face while she's working.

The most striking part of Dr Ly's appearance is, of course, the fact that she is bound to a wheelchair. It was once shiny and new, but is now scuffed and scratched from all the times that she's rushed around without being careful and banged into walls. She keeps a small bag slung over the back filled with all sorts of odds and ends that she thinks will be useful (but mostly end up sitting there until Xin Tsun sifts through it and neither of them can remember why those things were put there in the first place). Even though they are of no use to her, Dr Ly will still wear her pair of prosthetic legs. In order to appear more normal, she will wear long pants or opaque stockings in an attempt to hide the seam between skin and plastic.


The final of the five scientists recruited to work on the Mew Project, Dr Ly was transferred there from another military-run project on the recommendation of a close friend. For many years the five of them worked on the Mew Project in order to get it to the point where it is today. Even after Harper's death she stayed on the project and kept working through thick and thin. After the incident with Elesa, she was left working with just Shirogane and Akasaka (and Xin Tsun occasionally assisting).

Several years before the story began, Dr Ly was in an accident that caused her to lose the use of her legs. The bones were shattered beyond repair and everything below her knee is a prosthetic. After her accident, she was in no state to learn to walk and for personal reasons, never wanted to go back and learn later. Despite her disability, she is determined to continue her work the same as before and does not respond well when people treat her differently because of it. Even if they're just trying to help.  Even if it's her daughter.


  • Her given name is written using the more traditional characters.
  • Traditionally in the Chinese naming system, a person's name is composed of two characters carefully chosen by the family over a period of a hundred days to meet special criteria, but Lucky goofed and just picked something that sounded nice.
  • She is the oldest of all the scientists (not including how old Harper would be if he hadn't died).
  • Dr Ly speaks three languages: Wú Chinese as her first language, English as her second, and borderline offensive informal Japanese she learnt from Shirogane back in the day.


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