Kyoho Aitani
Kyoho School Uniform Kisekae
Japanese Name 藍谷 きょほ
Mew Name Mew Grape
Age 15 (Original)
17 (Dub)
Animal Vampire Squid
Transformation "Mew Mew Grape, Metamorphose!"
Weapon Grape Trident
Attack Ribbon Grape Drop
Zodiac Capricorn
Birthday January 16
Height 167 cm (5’6”)
Weight 59 kgs (130 lbs)
Hair Color Light Blue (Untransformed)
Sky Blue (Transformed)
Eye Color Cornflower Blue (Untransformed)
Sky Blue (Transformed)
Blood Type AB
Likes Mythology, History, Swimming
Dislikes Loud People, Being Interrupted, Extreme Heat
Relatives Ayako Aitani (Mother)
Hisao Aokawa (Father)
Daisuke Aitani (Step-Father)
Ichijiku Aitani (Step-Sister)
Nicknames Kyo, Kyo-Kyo
Team Mythical Mew Mew
Position Second in Command
V.A. (English) Karen Neill
V.A. (Japanese) Aya Hisakawa
"I'm making a paper fan so I can smack you."

- Mythical Mew Mew

Kyoho Aitani (藍谷 きょほ) is one of the main heroines of Mythical Mew Mew. Her Mew form is Mew Grape.



Kyoho is a tanned girl with blue hair that covers one eye and reaches her upper thighs paired with cornflower blue eyes. Her casual clothes tend to be simple and never in bright colours, while her school uniform is a sailor uniform with a red collar, a pink necktie, a red skirt, and an open cream coloured sweater.

Her café uniform is a knee-length dark blue dress with a white heart-shaped apron with sky blue frills around the heart and sky blue ribbons. Her white socks reach her upper shins with frills at the top, a dark blue bow is attached to each sock, her shoes are black with a dark blue heart on the tongue and dark blue laces. Lastly, she has a lace headband.

Mew Grape

As Mew Grape, her hair and eyes turn light blue, and the ends of her hair curl into ringlets. Her outfit is a light blue leotard with several knee length tentacle-like points attached to her hips. Her knee length boots are light blue.

She also has light blue garters on both arms, her left thigh and a choker with a gold pendant attached. The tops and bottoms of her garters and choker are lined with dark blue lace. Her Mew Mark, which resembles tentacles attached to a water drop, is on her forehead.


Initially portrayed as standoffish and unsocial, Kyoho has no idea how to properly express her emotions and doesn’t have anyone she feels comfortable confiding in. She’s incredibly blunt, to the point of being rude.



Kyoho’s transformation begins with her kissing her Mew Pendant and declaring her metamorphosis. The next scene shows Kyoho with her DNA morphing in the background. She places both feet apart on the ground and her boots appear. She then leans backwards and allows herself to fall head-first, her body glows and collides with a thin wall of water, she comes out the other side with her outfit on. The remaining drops of water collect and turn into her pendant, she then lands and poses.

Weapon and Attack

Kyoho's weapon is the Grape Trident, a light blue trident with silver bands in the middle of the pole and before the head. There's a golden bow with a pink heart in the middle attached to the upper set of bands.

Her attack is Ribbon Grape Drop, in which she waves her trident, summoning large amounts of water, she then points her weapon towards her opponent, shooting a torrent of water towards them.


Mythical Mew Mew



Ayako Aitani

Kyoho's harbours some resentment towards her mother, blaming Ayako for the divorce and for Kyoho's emotional problems.

Hisao Aokawa

Kyoho misses her father and wishes that either he could come to Tokyo or she could go to Kamakura to see him.

Daisuke Aitani

She finds her step-father's constant cheeriness and attempts to interact with her annoying and wishes he'd just leave her alone.

Ame Momose

Ame and Kyoho start out with a strained relationship. Kyoho sees her as an arrogant and bratty rich kid who knows nothing about the real world.

Suguri Akamura

Kyoho and Suguri rarely get along and their interactions are full of arguments and fights, though they do have rare moments of peace and tolerance.

Nashi Midoriyama

Kyoho enjoys Nashi's company, preferring her quiet and polite personality over the more rambunctious attitudes of her teammates. Kyoho even sticks up for Nashi at school.

Mikan Orenjitake

Despite Kyoho's dislike of children and loudness, she isn't overly bothered by Mikan, even being a little protective of the younger girl.

Ichijiku Aitani

Kyoho feels a lot of frustration towards her sister, particularly her laziness, childishness, crybaby tendencies and lack of understanding about boundaries.

Keiko Ginza

She has neutral feelings towards Professor Ginza, she doesn't particularly hate her but isn't her biggest fan either.


Kyoho is a type of slip-skin, concord-like grape that is a cross between Ishiharawase and Centennial varieties. They are primarily produced in Nagano, Yamanishi, and China.

Aitani is made up of two kanji. Ai, which means 'indigo' and Tani, which translates to valley.

Grape refers to a berry that grows in clusters and is often used in wine.


Name Changes

  • English - Claire Miller/Mew Claire
  • Italian - Gaby Aitani/Mew Gaby
  • Mandarin - Táo LánGǔ/Mew Mew Táo
  • Cantonese - Tòu LàamGūk/Mew Tòu
  • Korean - Podo Park/Mew Podo
  • Hebrew - Kyoho Aitani/Mew Kyoho
  • French - Claire Miller
  • Portuguese - Claire Miller/Mew Claire (Season 1) Uva Aitani/Mew Uva (Season 2)
  • Albanian - Clara Miller/Mew Clara (Vajzat Mjau – Mbrojtëset e Planetit 2) Gabi Aitani/Mjau Gabi (Luftëtaret Legjendar)

Voice Actresses

  • English - Karen Neill
  • Italian - Valentina Favazza
  • Mandarin - Xiāo Màn-Xuān
  • Cantonese - Yan-Na Goon
  • Korean - Ji Yeong Lee
  • Hebrew - Michal Resheff
  • French - Agnes Gribe
  • Portuguese - Cristina Cavalinhos (Season 1) Tatiane Keplmair (Season 2)
  • Albanian - Sara Jaupaj (Luftëtaret Legjendar)

Weapon and Attack

  • English - Ocean Trident/Unnamed Attack
  • Italian - Gaby's Heart/Ribbon of Storm!
  • Mandarin - Tao Trident/Ribbon Tao Drop!
  • Cantonese - Grape Trident/Grape Drop!
  • Korean - Podo Magic Trident/Ribbon Podo Raining Light!
  • Hebrew - Ocean Trident/Full Power!
  • French - Ocean Trident/Tidal Wave!, Whirlpool Attack!
  • Portuguese - Ocean Trident/Unnamed Attack (Season 1) Unnamed Weapon/Ribbon Drops! (Season 2)
  • Albanian - Ocean Trident/Unnamed Attack (Vajzat Mjau – Mbrojtëset e Planetit 2) Gabi's Heart/Ribbon of Storm (Luftëtaret Legjendar)


  • Vampire squids live in temperate and tropical oceans.
  • She has the same Japanese voice actress as Cure Moonlight from HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
  • Her English voice actress is the same as Ishizu Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • An alternate weapon name fitting the pun theme naming is GraPure Trident.
  • Kyoho and Ichijiku were at one point completely unrelated, and at another point biological sisters.
  • Her personality and attitude was partially based off of Ichimatsu Matsuno from Osomatsu-San and Gym Leader Sabrina from Pokemon.