Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu is a major supporting character in NK4 Project. He is Kuranberi's best friend and often sides with Kuran when there are arguments in the group.

He is created by Shiny_re.

Bio & Personality

Kuroichigo is from a less than affluent family in Tokyo. His family are tight knit and he's the oldest amongst his siblings. Growing up, he got into a lot of fights with people and had very few friends until he met Kuranberi Taikouenkei. He's fairly independent and enjoys going out a lot, mostly just to loiter around public spaces without much aim.

Kuro is aggressive and brash in personality. He often starts up arguments with people over the smallest things, and as he got older became generally more intimidating to the point where no one really even gave him eye contact anymore. However, he is still fiercely loyal to people who are close to him and will jump in to defend them at a moments notice. Due to this, he has become Kuran's bodyguard of sorts- if anyone ever messes with Kuran in any way, Kuro is the first to beat them down to submission.


Civilian form

In his normal identity Kuro's hair is an auburn/maroon/wine kind of colour and his eyes are of a similar hue. He usually pushes his hair out of his face though it falls there anyway. He has little concern for clothes and usually dresses in comfortable, practical clothes that's aren't necessarily trending.

Mew Form

In Mew form Kuro gains condor wings and tail. He's not really able to fly with them but can slightly glide when jumping off high places or just slightly break his fall with them. His outfit is purple, as are his hair and eyes, and it is accented with black and white.


Prior to NK4

Kuro spent his days before high school tagging along with Kuran and reaping the benefits of having a highly esteemed best friend. He mainly took care of intimidating people enough to listen to Kuran and also keeping off anyone trying to attack his friend. when not with Kuran, he'd often spend time at home with his siblings and would bring them sweets and other gifts from his escapades out with his friend (since Kuran often allowed Kuro to spend as much of his money as he liked).

During NK4


Natasha Hoshimi

Kuro doesn't dislike Natasha, but his fierce loyalty to Kuran often pits him against her in arguments. Despite this, and despite his rather aggressive fights with her early on, he still considers her a "little sister" of sorts, and has a fondness for her. He does enjoy teasing her somewhat when they're alone or just without Kuran, and they get along fine when the other boy is not about, having a very friendly, oddball relationship.

Ryou Shirogane

Kuranberi Taikouenkei

Kashisu Aodoku

Kaki Gosaichi

Skills & Abilities

Kuroichigo has better speed and strength and the added ability of being able to slightly glide with his wings, and also has more advanced jumping/parkour like abilities because of this. He also has air elemental attacks.


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