Kuranberi Taikouenkei, also known as "Kuran" is a major supporting character in NK4 project. He claims to be the co-leader of the NK4 Mews, with Natasha Hoshimi, but Ryou never really treats him as such.

He is created by Shiny_re.

Bio & Personality

Kuranberi resided in a more wealthy district than most of his other friends. His family are rich, from both inherited money and business income, so he had little want for anything as a child. Thus, he ended up being very bad at school and even all his family's money wouldn't allow him to get into any private schools, so he is expelled into public school where he met Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu at a young age.

Kuran is very hard headed and confident in himself, and easily wins over most people with his charms. He also likes to have his way and often subtly bribes people with his money or status, which often works in the middle class populated public schools. He hides the fact that he fails miserably at education and acts as if he's a down to earth, legitimately likeable person. He is also very popular with the girls at his school and is the kind of guy who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes.

Despite his frivolous, cocky nature, Kuran's literal only saving grace is his friendship with Kuroichigo. Unlike most other relationships he has which only really serve to feed his over inflated ego, Kuran actually cares about Kuroichigo and does actually go out of his way to look out for his friend.


Civilian form

Kuran has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes in civilian form. It is very likely he dyes his hair but he would likely never tell anyone that he does so. He tries to dress very fashionably, often keeping up with trends and generally looks smart. He prefers warm colours.

Mew Form

In Mew form Kuran gets a pair of ram horns and a tail. His hair and eyes turn pink, and his clothes are a similar pink and black accented piece, with some white accents too.


Prior to NK4

Kuran spent most of his time before highschool basically messing about. He often bullied other kids to get his way and was practically unstoppable in middle school, with the intimidating Kuro backing him up. He often slacked off at school, only to have other students do his assignments for him and generally got away with everything because of his status and resources. 

During NK4


Natasha Hoshimi

Truthfully speaking, Kuran has a crush on Natasha. However he does not try to address it in a straightforward way, instead just offhandedly flirting with her on a whim. He also often opposes and argues with her, firmly believing himself to be better suited as the team's leader, and goes so far as to belittle her efforts. However, deep down he has a liking for her and admires her bright, strong personality. He won't admit to it though.

Ryou Shirogane

Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu

Kashisu Aodoku

Kaki Gosaichi

Skills & Abilities

Kuranberi's attacks are water based. His strength and speed is also advanced as a Mew Mew, like the rest of his teammates. 


NK4 Project
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