Kou-Kou Banli
Kou-Kou Uniform
Japanese Name 板栗 蔻蔻
Mew Name Mew Cocoa
Age 17
Animal Dragon (Modified Chinese Crocodile Lizard)
Transformation "Mew Mew Cocoa, Metamorphose!"
Weapon Cocoa Baton
Attack Ribbon Cocoa Shake
Zodiac Cancer
Birthday July 3
Height 150 cm (4’11”)
Weight 43 kgs (96 lbs)
Hair Color Black (Untransformed) Brown (Transformed)
Eye Color Dark Brown (Untransformed) Brown (Transformed)
Blood Type O
Likes Cooking, Languages, Horror Movies
Dislikes Bland Food, Natto, Drama Movies
Relatives Lan Banli (Mother)

Hai Banli (Father)

Biyu Banli (Sister)
Team Mythical Mew Mew
Position Agility
V.A. (English) Tara Sands
V.A. (Japanese) Rie Kugimiya
Kou-Kou Banli (板栗 蔻蔻) is a minor character in Mythical Mew Mew and one of the main heroines of Mythical Mew Mew à la Carte.



Kou-Kou is a fair skinned girl with black hair tied into buns and dark brown eyes. Her buns are covered by white fabric tied with short gold bows. Her casual clothes are usually easy to move in and show her Chinese heritage. Her school uniform is a pale lavender sweater over a white shirt with a red bow and red plaid skirt.

Her café uniform is a knee length brown dress with a white heart-shaped apron with pinkish-orange frills around the heart and pinkish-orange ribbons. Her white socks reach her upper shins with frills at the top, a brown bow is attached to each sock, her shoes are black with a brown heart on the tongue and brown laces. Lastly, she wears a lace headband.

Mew Cocoa

When transformed, Kou-Kou's hair and eyes turn brown and she grows white, antler like horns and a white tail. Her outfit is a brown dress with splits up the thighs. Her shoes are brown flats.

She also has brown garters on both arms, her left thigh, and a choker with a gold pendant hanging off. The bottom of her dress and the tops and bottoms of her garters and chokers are lined with pinkish-orange lace. Her Mew Mark, which resembles her horns, is on her right thigh.


A mischievous girl who finds enjoyment in playing practical jokes on others. Kou-Kou has a light-hearted view on life, and an attitude to match.




Weapon and Attack

Kou-Kou's weapon is the Cocoa Baton, a pinkish-orange baton with a brown jewel-like knob on both ends. A gold bow with a pink heart in the middle is attached.

Her attack is Ribbon Cocoa Shake, in which Kou-Kou spins the baton above her head before slicing downwards.


Mythical Mew Mew


Mythical Mew Mew a la Carte



  • Chinese Crocodile Lizards live in China and Vietnam
  • Kou-Kou went through two name changes, she was initially named Biyu Liu, then Yuzu Liu
  • She shares a Japanese voice actress with Kagura from Gintama
  • She has the same English voice actress as Kaya from One Piece
  • An alternate weapon name fitting the pun theme naming is CocoTon