Kono Yuki
Japanese Name 小野雪
Mew Name Mew Snowball
Age 12
Animal Eld's Deer
Transformation "Mew Mew Snowball Metamorphosis!"
Weapon Mew Time Staff
Attack Ribbon Snowball Cessation!
Height 4'10.5
Hair Color Peach (Yuki) Baby Pink (Mew Snowball)
Eye Color Bright Pink
Blood Type A
Likes Computers
Dislikes Childish people
Relatives None
Nicknames YuYu (Blueberry)
Team Tokyo New Mew
Character Themes
Kono Yuki is a main protagonist of the Tokyo New Mew series. A 12 year old prodigy who nobody knows much about. Many of her peers say she acts quite strange at times. 

General Info

  • Her Zodiac is a Virgo.
  • Her birthday is August 30th
  • She is youngest of the TNM team.
  • Her IQ is exactly 300%.
  • Her favorite food is Snowball Cake.
  • Yuki's favorite book is The Princess and the Frog.



As she goes to the local intermediate school, L.M.Y.B, she doesn't actualy wear a specific uniform. But her casual attire of choice is white, lace button-up shirt with a short, black pleated skirt, grey tights and black flats. She also wears a tan jacket over the shirt sometimes. 

Café Uniform


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