Kon'nichiwa Mew Mew (こんにちはミュウミュウ Kon'nichiwa Myū Myū) is a magical girl/boy anime series, based upon the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series. It feature major traditional Japanese themes along with Japanese desserts and confections.


Long ago in Edo Japan, there was a small girl named Daifuku who was born an orphan and whose only friend being her own pet baby Japanese Crane, Rice Cake. The two had a symbolic/friendly relationship until the faithful night when many beams of white light shot from the sky, which whenever hitting an animal or insect, who beam them away. On the night of her 11th birthday, the last beam was fired, actually hitting both her and Rice Cake at the same time. Instead of retracting them, it merged their DNA and the warrior, Mew Daifuku was born.  Although her power was only temporary and they weren't able to handle the power coursing throughout theiir bodies so they instantly unfused and died immediately after.

Now in the year 2020, on the birthday of 12 year old, Haruno Sakuramochi she recived a pendant which was said to be used by one of her ancestors. On the following night, Sakuramochi begins to to expirience many strange images in her head and begins doing strange things without knowing, including: She gains a strange heart-shaped mark on her chest, starts seeing a small otter wherever she goes which happens to have a pale pink aura surrounding it and begins having mysterious dreams involving a small girl with a small white bird in her hands, whose eating Daifuku. Now starting her first day of 7th Grade, she hopes to hold in these strange things from her classmates.


Mew Mew

Haruno Sakuramochi (春野サクラモチ) is the major main protagonist of the series. Often nicknamed either "SakuSaku", "Mochi-Chan" or "SaMo" by her friends, Sakuramochi is popular among both her peers and teachers being top of the class. Ironically she does well in academics but is last when it comes to sports and usually never studies as is actually terrible at it and prefers to procrastinate. She transforms into Mew Sakuramochi (ミュウサクラモチ), she is fused with the Japanese River Otter and Sakuramochi.

Watanabe Meronpan (渡辺メロンパン) a natural born writer who dreams of becoming an author like both her parents, but wants be more of a children's book writer than a writer of novels or chapter books. She has also been friends with Sakuramoch since 4th Grade but since she moved, seperating them for  three years up to now. She is usually nicknamed "MeroMero" and PanPan" by Sakuramochi. She transforms into Mew Meronpan (ミュウメロンパン), she is fused with Meronpan and the Asiatic Black Bear.

Ueda Kōhīzerī (上田コーヒーゼリー) an extremely timid and self-caughtous 13 years old. Kōhīzerī is usually seen reading alone in a dark corner. Being the only male on the team, he feels sort of out of place and left out. He always has a journal with him, which his peers always ask to see the contents of which usually ends up in him walking away slowly. He transforms into Mew Coffee jelly (ミュウコーヒーゼリー), he is fused with Coffee jelly and the Imaizumi's Horseshoe Bat. 

Akino Azuki (秋野小豆) fourth Mew to be born. A silent yet monotone 12 year old who always has this blank expression on her face. In addition to such almost never speaks but if does, is very little showing her off as this creepy, cold girl without any friends. Actually she is the opposite, but she since she talks very little and shows no emotion, it gives the wrong idea. She transforms into Mew Redbean (ミューレッドビーン), she is fused with Redbean Paste and the Tsushima Cat.

Fujiki Taiyaki (藤木タイーアッキ) last Mew to join the team. Taiyaki lives in a large Japanese style house with a big family. Taiyaki loves playing cat's cradle, fishing and doing origami despite being terrible at all of them. She transforms into Mew Taiyaki (ミュウタイーアッキ), she is fused with the Black Koi and Taiyaki.

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