Biographical Information
  • 黒沢 kurosawa
  • 琴音 kotone



Fourth Mew

Physical Description







~80 lbs

  • Black hair
  • Long, usually kept in a braid
  • Honey colored eyes
Mew Form
Animal DNA

Golden Lancehead Viper

Mew Mark
  • Ouroboros
  • Located on her mid back

Snaktail the whip


Golden Strike

A completely unrelated character Lucky will be using for a role play on another site.


Koiko is a member of the New Mew team and is the parallel to Pudding from the original team.  She is the fourth and youngest member of her team, but likes to think she can fight just as well as the others despite her age.


Koiko is a very angry child. She doesn't enjoy being angry all the time, but can't really help it. It's hard for her to get along with other children and she harbors nothing but resentment towards the parents who abandoned her. This anger leads her to lash out at people and constantly disobey authority. She'll sneak out at night or take things she's not supposed to just to make her caregivers mad and will sit in class refusing to do any work. Most people find it hard to connect with Koiko because of her anger and rebellious streak and so she is regarded largely as a lost cause.

At heart, however, she still has some of the innocence of a child. When she's sitting in class refusing to do school work, chances are Koiko is daydreaming about a happy future in which she has good friends and parents who love her. She would love to make friends with other people her age, but doesn't know how to go about it since no one has ever attempted to make friends with her, and when her attempts at friendship fail she often gets frustrated and scares off the other person.

Part of the reason she adapted so well to being a Mew is also because of her childlike innocence and sense of wonder. All Koiko ever wanted was to be truly loved by someone, but becoming a magical girl came in a close second to that. She saw it as a chance to somehow become a new version of herself and since her first transformation there has been an improvement in her overall attitude (if only a small one). The problem with Koiko viewing the Mew project through a child's eyes is that she sees it all as magical and not really for what it is. She doesn't understand the possible life-and-death implications of what she's doing and so will often want to jump head first into a fight without properly considering the implications of her actions.


When you look at her face, Koiko appears quite a bit older than she actually is. She has sharp features, prominent cheekbones, and full lips. Her eyes are quite large in proportion to the rest of her face, but instead of giving Koiko the child-like appearance she probably should have, their slant simply makes her face look longer and thinner.

Koiko considers her hair unruly on a good day. She likes keeping it long, but refuses to properly take care of it, so it sticks up everywhere. Usually she'll just tie it back in a braid to keep it out of the way, but even then there will be split ends and stray hairs everywhere. It's gotten to the point where the girl who sits behind Koiko in class has started complaining about finding hair everywhere, but she's still not willing to cut it.

If Koiko's face makes her look like a woman then the rest of her body hasn't quite caught up yet. At thirteen she's still just a girl and standing at only 4'9" it's obvious that she hasn't hit her growth spurt yet. She has the beginnings of budding breasts and some slight definition along her hips, but for the most part Koiko still looks like a child.

Mew Appearance

In her Mew form, Koiko's hair changes from her natural black to an almost white shade of blonde. Her eyes stay their normal honey color. Her entire outfit is primarily a beige-y yellow color with grey trim.

The main part of Koiko's Mew outfit is a dress that is split down the center revealing her chest and an angular top underneath. Her dress is similarly open in the back and the two parts rejoin at her hips to form a complete skirt. In the same place on her hips sits a thick ring of fabric that is tied into a large bow in the back which, even though it could be considered impractical, looks really cool. Koiko's outfit also consists of some simple fingerless gloves and boots that come to her mid-calf. She also has the arm puffs, choker, and garter typical of Mew costumes.

In place of the fuzzy ears and tails some of her peers get when they transform, Koiko has patches of scales that appear in places on her body. They have the same texture as actual snakeskin and are identical in coloring to those of her infused animal. Koiko has five main patches of scales: one on each knee, two separate patches that wrap around her torso, and a last one that goes along her hairline and wraps around her right eye (cutting her eyebrow in half in the process).

Mew Mark

Her Mew Mark is a simple ouroboros (the snake depicted resembles her infused snake in features) that is located on her back and when she transforms it falls exactly between the two patches of scales on her torso. It is the same color as her patches of scales.


Koiko's weapon is a whip simply called Snaketail (I'm ace with names in case you couldn't tell). When fully extended it's about two feet long and has the same coloring and texture as her snakeskin patches. The handle is predominantly grey with a sandy yellow grip and the obligatory gold-and-heart add-on that all Mew weapons have (albeit with a black heart instead of a pink one).


Her only named attack so far is called Golden Strike and it consists of Koiko cracking her whip which sends an energy wave at her opponents. The energy wave hits like a dull physical blow and can usually send someone toppling to the floor. In addition to the named attack, Koiko can also use her weapon like a regular whip and try to strike an opponent at close range (but when there's no magic involved she's pretty terrible at it).


Koiko is one of surprisingly many Japanese children referred to as "coin locker babies". When she was only a few hours old her mother left her in a train station coin locker and it wasn't until almost a week after that she was found starving and sick and taken to an orphanage. Her mother was never found and Koiko still lives in the orphanage (although as her prospects of being adopted continue to dwindle, she is in the process of being moved into a semi-permanent foster home).

Her surname (Kurosawa) is taken from the district in which the orphanage is located and her given name (Kotone) was randomly picked off the list of possible names for nameless orphans. It didn't take long for the nickname "Koiko" to pop up though and it's been with her ever since. It was originally given to her by the older children with the intent of mocking her and ended up sticking with her. Not only does Koiko dislike her nickname, she finds it insulting, but she also finds it impossible to escape. She's always introduced to people as Koiko and it's become so ingrained in her mind that she's even started to use it to refer to herself.

Growing up Koiko never had many friends and the few she did make were often adopted and removed from her life entirely. This led to the development of her angry personality and helped pave the way for a less than ideal childhood. It wasn't terrible by any means- Koiko always had a roof over her head, enough to eat, and she got to go to school- but it wasn't the kind of life a little girl wanted to live. She wanted a happy family and good friends and just something more than what she had.

That was a big part of the reason she jumped on the possibility of the Mew Project when it was offered to her. It would give Koiko the chance to be something more than just herself. More than a middle school student who was treated like a child. More than just a normal human. She would get to be magic. Koiko doesn't particularly care what the magic gets used for (and only time will tell if she ever truly realizes the implications of her using her powers for "evil") and not once has she ever regretted her choice to be infused.

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