Mew Angelus -Kimera-

Kimera is the creation of Zeus, born of light, cloud and sea, made to counter Hades' chaos and protect the mortal world as well as the Gods. After she became well known among the mortal world, she gained the alias Mew Angelus.


Kimera is kind, bold and courageous. She will always put others ahead of herself and fights for what is right. She is very obedient to Zeus and very diligent and loyal. Kimera rewards those who show kindness, grace and goodwill towards others, and may even ask them to aid her in the battle against her twin. Kimera is quite merciful and patient, though she will not hesitate to display bouts of rage and fury if so she must..


Kimera possesses the power of light, thunder and water, having been produced from clouds and bearing traits of them as such. She does not fight with a weapon, but instead with her elemental power and sometimes physical force. She has the ability to control these elements and conjure them to her will.


Mew Faith

Mew Hope


Mew Diabolus

Mew Crimson Prayer

Mew Devi

Created by AnnikaDoll

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