Biographical Information
Age 16
Name Keihi (Cinnamon) Maku (Roll)
  • Little Tiger
  • Black Tiger
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human with Indochinese Tiger.
Gender Female
  • Long Brownish black hair tied up in a braid
  • Light Brown Eyes
  • Fairly Olive Skin Color
  • Mew Mark - A Tigers paw with leaves extending from each toe. Located on her lower back.
  • Brown and Blue Drawstring Hoodie
  • Brown School Uniform Skirt
  • Brown Thigh Socks
  • Sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities

Black Daggar


Breezy Slash


Mew Black Cinnamon

Other Information
  • Figure Painting
V.A. (English)
V.A. (Japanese) Inoue Marina
Theme Song(s)

Keihi Maku is Homura's entry for Shiny Re's create a Mew Mew contest.

Keihi Maku

Keihi grew up being the oldest sister of three children, with her parents both working late shifts. With her parents working from noon to eight in the evening, she had to take care of her younger siblings during the day when they all weren't in school. She cleaned and cooked and help them with their schoolwork, spending her free time with garage set figures.

Currently, she's a freshman in highschool with a small group of friends and average grades. Being introduced by one of her friends, she's come to take a liking to J-pop and has begun a collection of albums from various artists. She also works a small, part time job at an otaku shop to earn extra money for her growing collections of Figures and CD's.


Keihi has come to to be a mother-type character, who nags you to get your work done or to pay attention. She's often stubborn with how things should be and from habit is a grammar nazi. Most of the time she's patient with others, but occasionally her fuze is cut short. Naturally she's the stay at home type and doesn't need a whole lot of communication of contact with others to be pleased. She naturally want to lead the pack and becomes stubborn whenever other's don't allow her too.

Mew Black Cinnamon

As Mew Black Cinnamon, Keihi's light brown eyes gain the fire hue of a dark gold-orange. Her side bangs fall out of her pony tail in a Hime cut style, the rest of her braid remaining and becoming a light shade of brown rather than a dark one. Along with the colors of her eyes and hair changing, she gains a brownish-orange set of tiger striped ears along with a matching tail.

She has a straight cut low laying top that has another piece of dark gold-orange frabric draped over it and held together with a leaf shaped pin. The dark gold-orange piece extends down to her mid thighs, right about where her left leg garter is. Around her waist under the top layered piece, she has a belt made of golden brown leaves. Her skirt is light brown, and the edges are colored dark golden-orange.

Her gloves are mid upper-arm length, decorated with golden leaves. They extend down and end wrapping around her middle finger. Her boots are lace up light-brown with golden-orange heels. Decorating her head are a set of matching golden leap clips that go into her hair, and a set of light brown leaf earrings dangling from her tiger ears.

Her weapon is the Windy Rapier, which is a long sword with its blade and handle in the shape of tea leaves. Her attack is called Breezy slash, she outlines the shape of a tea leaf in mid-air, thrusting her sword through it and creating a burst of wind to attack her opponent.


  • I named her mew form after Cinnamon flavored Black Tea.