Kashisu Aodoku is a major supporting character in NK4 project. He is the new human identity of the alien, Kashi, from Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced and volunteers as a Mew to further make amends for the destruction his people caused previously.

He is created by Shiny_re.

Bio & Personality

To see Kashi's story before NK4, click here.

Kashisu has lightened up considerably since his Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced days, and is now more empathetic and less distant. He still has quite a reserved, matter of fact personality though, and is very determined and focused on his job.

He has a strong sense of duty and as such joins the third Mew experiment to help defend the earth, alongside Natasha. 


Civilian form

In civilian form Kashisu's hair is a much darker blue than his alien and Mew forms, and his eyes are a yellow/amber colour. He is still paler than most and his ears are a normal shape. He often wears smart clothes, including button up shirts and formal looking shoes and pants.

Mew Form

In Mew form Kashisu has no notable animal features, as frogs do not have very noticeable body parts. He wears a blue and black Mew outfit that incorporates a long coat and leggings, and his hair returns to a more natural (for him) cobalt blue and his eyes also become this colour.


Prior to NK4

Before NK4 project, Kashisu went by the name of Kashi and was an alien. He and his comrades came to earth seeking Mew Aqua, and during the course of TMMR they fought against the Replacement Mew team before finding out the truth and allying with the Mews at the end. 
Since then, Kashi took up the name of Kashisu Aodoku after becoming a human and lived out a normal life on earth.

During NK4


Natasha Hoshimi

While they have had troubles in the past, during NK4 Kashisu and Natasha have become much closer, and have a strong friendship. They work well together from their past missions, and also know each other's weaknesses well so can cover the other in times of need. Kashi is one of the first to defend Natasha and quickly volunteers to help her when she takes up the mantle of Mew Starfruit again. When the group argues, Kashi is always on her side and he acts as a sort of second in command in the group, as Natasha knows she can always come to him for advice.

Ryou Shirogane

Kuranberi Taikouenkei

Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu

Kaki Gosaichi

Skills & Abilities

Kashisu has greater speed and strength as a Mew Mew. His attacks are based around poison.


NK4 Project
N4k team

Natasha Hoshimi + Kuranberi Taikouenkei + Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu + Kashisu Aodoku + Kaki Gosaichi

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