Mew Diabolus -Kamira-
Kamira is the creation of Hades, born of fire, shadow and stone. She was created to spite Zeus and create chaos in the mortal world. After she became known and feared in the mortal world, she obtained the alias Mew Diabolus.


Kamira bears a malevolent, cruel way of thinking and being, showing absolutely no mercy to anyone unless she thinks it may benefit her. She is quick to bring mischief and chaos upon others and cause her twin to have to step in. Kamira often leaves her twin in situations where she must make a choice in which, no matter what she does choose, someone will get hurt or die. Kamira, while obedient to her master Hades, is very tricky and rebellious, exhorting a very dominant and prude personality. Once in a while, Kamira will sense darkness in one's heart caused by misery and bid them to join her.


Kamira possesses the power of shadow, fire, haze and stone, having been born from such. She does not fight with a weapon, but instead conjures these elements or manipulates them if they are around. Kamira prefers not to dirty her hands with physical assaults, and will often send her collected minions to do her bidding for her.


Mew Crimson Prayer

Mew Devi


Mew Angelus

Mew Faith

Mew Hope

Created by AnnikaDoll

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