Kaki Gosaichi is a major supporting character in NK4 Project . He is the last memeber to join the team and usually distances himself from the rest of his teammates and their argueing.

He is created by Shiny_re.

Bio & Personality

Kaki moved to Tokyo by himself about a year prior to NK4 project begins to tudy there. His family comes from a rural town. He now lives independantly in a small one room apartment.

He is very distant, level headed and almost mysterious, not really having much to say to anyone around him. He's also not very supportive of the rest of his team and is quite hard to work with. Kaki would rather leave them to their own devices while he goes to take out enemies on his own rather than get involved in their quarrels..


Civilian form

Kaki's hair is a similar blonde colour as it is in mew form but his eyes are instead blue when in civilian form. He dresses in summer wear almost year round with baggy short pants or shorts and losse fitting tee shirts. He also often wears neck jewellry and occaisionally an assortment of wristbands and bracelets. 

Mew Form

In mew form Kaki's hair and eye are a slightly brighter yellow and he gains the ears and tail of a dhole. His clothes, are yellow, and like the rest of his team, are accened with blac and white.


Prior to NK4

Kaki still lived in the rural areads of Japan prior to moving to Tokyo a year before NK4.There he played for his school sports team and was mildly popular in the small countryside school. After moving to tokyo, Kaki mainly stayed by himself having trouble socialising and not really getting along with his sligthly more frivilous and shallow class mates.

During NK4


Natasha Hoshimi

Kaki hadly speaks with Natasha, outside of missions. he's the most distant member of the group, and mostly introverted, and this usually is directly in conflict with Natasha's more bright and open perosnality. However as they are both quite low key, they rarely argue and tend to just stay out of eachothers way more often than not. He would follow her as a leader, and has few problems with her skills as one, but he wouldn't choose to hang around with her.

Ryou Shirogane

Kuranberi Taikouenkei

Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu

Kashisu Aodoku

Skills & Abilities

Kaki like all other mews has better strength and agility. While he has no definite weapon as of yet, he has power over earth and his attacks are based on that element.


NK4 Project
N4k team

Natasha Hoshimi + Kuranberi Taikouenkei + Kuroichigo Shikonjoukuu + Kashisu Aodoku + Kaki Gosaichi

Retired Mew Mews

Umeko Takeda + Aoi Kinomi + Mikan Koushaku + Rinzen Sakuranbo + Ichigo Momomiya + Mint Aizawa + Lettuce Midorikawa + Pudding Fong + Zakuro Fujiwara

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