Kaitlyn DeNero is one of the main villains in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice. She is one of the members of the Invasive Mew Mews and is infused with the DNA of the Nile Perch.

Biographical Information
Age 15


  • Katie
  • Brain
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weight 124 lbs
  • Coppery brown hair
  • Medium-long hair, often kept in a sleek ponytail
  • Slate grey eyes
  • Rectangular glasses with thin frames
  • Lots and lots of freckles
Mew Form - Mew Kaitlyn
Animal DNA Nile Perch
Weapon Stinging Sea Whip
Mew Powers
  • Stinging Red Tide
  • Summoning Predasites
Mew Mark
  • Reddish fish bite on the back of her right calf
Other Information
  • Swimming
  • Retaining facts, if that counts
Pets None
Likes Studying, being complimented, science, swimming, catching smaller fish, herself
Dislikes Being questioned, being called "plain", ignorance, Danielle, "competitor" species, cats

Kaitlyn DeNero

Kaitlyn DeNero is one of the primary antagonists in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice and the fourth Invasive Mew to be introduced. She is the result of a failed Mew experiment that utilized the corrupted genes of invasive species. Kaitlyn was willingly injected with the genes of the Nile Perch for the sake of scientific progression and a desire to be unique.


Kaitlyn is an intelligent, slightly self-centered girl, and quite the science nerd. She loves everything about science and discovery, and is always hungry for new information. She can be a real stickler for facts, and often finds herself correcting people. Kaitlyn is shown to have a deep rooted spite against ignorance, and can be rather abrasive to those who question her, including her own team mates. She's not the most social person, and is often considered plain and boring because of her studious nature and basic appearance. She's a bit of a narcissus, and considers herself to be "the brains of the operation".


Kaitlyn has a very plain appearance, or so she's been told. She has fair peachy skin and a ton of freckles, most of them on her face and arms. She long, sleek, coppery brown hair that she keeps tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a cool slate grey and slant slightly upwards, and are framed with rectangular glasses. Kaitlyn has an average figure, slightly thin, and is very tall for her age.


In progress


  • Before being infused, Kaitlyn was not a very strong swimmer.
  • Her Perch genes allow her to breathe underwater.
  • She likes to consider herself beautiful from time to time.
  • Kaitlyn considers Danielle to be her arch-rival.
  • She's afraid of cats.


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