Jolina Llanes, better known as Mew Red, is one of the Makiling Mew Mew and the leader of the group.
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Her parents left her at the house when she was a baby. She was a normal girl living with her adoptive parents at the foot of Mt. Makiling. She has a middle class family for she is not rich nor poor. She goes to a public school. Her only hobby is to clean the Makiling lowlands. She met Maria Buenaventura  and the became close friends. They would always read the story book of Maria Makiling, the enchantress of the mountain. Being curious and loves investigating crimes, she told Maria that they will climb up the mountain and investigate about the belief. They were investigating when a portal appeared pulling them into it. They held on a tree but they were flown inside it. Then they found themselves into a beautiful garden along with the 3 other girls: Rosa Indenfoso, Trisha Gomez and Estrella Loe . They looked around the place when Maria Makiling appeared. They were all shocked for she was real except, Trisha for she knew her all along. Trish told them                                                                                                  
Jolina B. Llanes
Mew Name Mew Red
Age 16
Animal White Tiger
Weapon Tiger Sword
Attack Ribbon Fire Blast
Zodiac Aries
Birthday March 30
Height 4'8
Weight 40 lbs
Hair Color Mew Mew: Red Human: Light red
Eye Color Mew Mew: white Human: black
Blood Type O
Likes Sweets, Teddy bears, Cats, Dresses, Flowers
Dislikes Alfredo, Garbage, Dogs
Relatives A Father (Mateo Z. Llanes) A Mother (Linda B. Llanes)
Nicknames Lily (Estrella)


Kitty (Maria Makiling)
Team Makiling Mew Mew
Position Leader

that she was Makiling's companion. Makiling then revealed about the chimera. Of course, Jolina and Maria Got interested. When they are finished being combined with animals, she came out well. Makiling was pleased so she decided to train them.


She was that kind of person who is curious and doesn't believe things unless there was a proof. She cannot be joked that easily, so Estrella made more fun on her BFF, Maria. She is loyal to her friends and never betrays them. She is also obiedient to Makiling and cares for everybody she loves.

Powers and Weapons

She is fused with a white tiger, for a tiger is a cat and fitting her dislike of dogs. Her weapon is called Tiger Sword, as Mew Red, she has 1 special ability Makiling gave her: the Power of Fire. Her sword flames while in use. Her attack by weapon is Ribbon Fire Blast


As Human

She has light red hair and black eyes with a ribbon on it and wears a pink dress with many red ribbons. She wears a pair of pink sandals.

As Mew Mew

Her hair turns red and eyes turns white. She wears a red outfit and red boots with black ribbons. She gets tiger tail and ears.

Her theme song is Endless Summer by Cascada


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