Jess Fujiko
is part of Candy Gem Mew Mew and belongs to KiraKira-Chan

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Jess Fujiko
Japanese Name 藤子ジェス / Fujiko Jessu
Mew Name Mew Lollipop
Age 14
Animal Doe (Female deer)
Transformation Transformations (CGMM)
Weapon TBA
Attack TBA
Hair Color Dark pink (Jess) Pink (Mew Lollipop)
Eye Color Brown (Jess) Orange (Mew Lollipop)
Likes Lollipops, oranges, and Boys.
Dislikes Broccoli, most green vegetables, needles.
Relatives Paige Fujiko (Younger sister)

Emily Fujiko (Mother)

Fujiko Akatsuki (Father)
Nicknames Je-Chan
Team Candy Gem Mew Mew
Position Leader
V.A. (Japanese) ミュウロリポップ
Character Themes Lollipops, Oranges, and Doe.

Jess Fujiko (藤子ジェス) is the main Mew of Candy Gem Mew Mew. Her animal animal genes are of a Doe. (Female deer) And her Fruit DNA are of an Orange.


Jess Fujiko

She has long curly bangs that wrap around her face, and a long ponytail reaching to the bottom of her back. She wears a orange shirt with a light-blue vest; She has Jean Shorts with fluff on the rims held together by a ribbon. Lastly, she has hot-pink shoes.

Mew Lollipop

She has long curly bangs that wrap around her face and short, thick curly hair. She also has Doe ears and a lollipop crown. More TBA


Jess's mother is American and her father is Japanese. So, she spent many years in Japan. But her father's job made them move back to America. A few years later, they moved back to Japan and back to her old school.


She is a very energetic young woman who loves to draw, read Manga, and watch Romantic movies. She also is a very girly-girl when it comes down to it.

Mew Lollipop

"Mew Mew Lollipop! Metamorphosis!"
Myuu Myuu Roripoppu! Metamorufooze!

Mew Lollipop became a mew on April 22, 2017. She is also the lead Mew of her team. Her animal is a Doe.


Paige Fujiko (Younger sister)

Emily Fujiko (Mother)

Fujiko Akatsuki (Father)


Jess means "God exists" or "God sees"

A Lollipop is hardened sugar syrup on a stick that is often sold to children.




  • White tail doe (Female white tail deer)
  • Mandarin oranges