Jam Shihoshi
Japanese Name 紫星ジャム
Mew Name Mew Jam
Age 15
Animal African Wild Dog
Transformation "Mew Mew Jam, Metamorphose!"
Weapon Lovely Jam Sword
Attack Ribbon Jam Gust
Zodiac Pisces
Hair Color Plum (Jam) Light Violet (Mew Jam)
Eye Color Plum (Jam) Light Violet (Mew Jam)
Team La Perfect Mew Mew
Jam Shihoshi (紫星ジャム) is a main protagonist of La Perfect Mew Mew. Jam is the calm and level-headed "big sister" of the group. She is polite and ladylike inside and out. She is infused with the DNA of the African Wild Dog. Her alter ego is Mew Jam and her powers relate to wind.



Jam has pale skin and waist-length dark plum hair. Her eyes are the same color. Her hair is usually worn in a bun with a white bow, her bangs are cut straight and her forelocks are thin and reach slightly below her shoulders.

She normally wears the grey and black sailor fuku with a pair of black tights and brown loafers. While in school, her black bow is replaced with a black ribbon.

Mew Jam

As Mew Jam, she gains a pair of dog ears and tail. Her hair and eyes shift to a light violet color. She wears a light purple outfit with magenta accents, matching her choker and garter. Instead of a skirt or shorts, her outfit ends in a pair of long bell bottoms. Her garter is although overtop her her pants leg. On each hand is a dark purple, wrist-high arm warmer. A pair of dark purple heels to finish the look. In her hair, holding her bun in place are a pair of brown sticks, each with a lavender flower hanging from it.


Jam is a level-headed and calm girl who always keeps her cool and never gets upset as she is naturally very understanding. She although does have a hidden temper and whoever very has seen it OR caused it, has always cried whenever remembering. She although hidesome it extremely well, so a majority of her friends don't even realize or known of its existence.


Shihoshi (紫星) - Translates to "Purple/Violet Star".

Jam (ジャム) - A sweet, soft food made from the mixture of cooked fruit and sugar. The most popular varieties of such are strawberry and cherry. She although represents the grape variety as her theme color being purple.

Mew Jam

"Mew Jam Metamorphose!"





Jam's Transformation begins with Jam holding her Mew Pendant, kissing it and saying "Mew Mew Jam, Metamorphose!". Her DNA then merges with that of an african wild dog and the background then shifts to a light purple color. Jam proceeds to gracefully run forward as lavender light takes form in the shape of a leotard before it dissolves away revealing herself wearing her full outfit with her armpuffs and her hair and eyes changed. Her arm warmers and shoes then appear followed by her tail and ears. Mew Jam then strikes a pose.


  • Ribbon Jam Gust (リボンジャムガスト) - Her main attack used with the Lovely Jam Sword.


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