Ishikawa Haru
Harriet Skye in the English Dub

Japanese Name 石川春
Mew Name Mew Spring
Age 14
Animal Sugar Glider
Transformation Infinity Mew Spring! Metamorphosis!
Weapon Spring Violin
Attack Spring Blooming
Zodiac Leo
Birthday 21st August
Hair Color Brown (Haru)
Purple (Mew Spring)
Eye Color Dark Green (Haru)
Lime Green (Mew Spring)
Likes Singing
Helping Others
Dislikes Bullies
Relatives Ishikawa Mirai (mother)
Ishikawa Wataru (father)
Ishikawa Nagisa (older sister)
Nicknames Haru-chan
Princess of Intelligence
Team Infinity Mew Mew
Position Leader
V.A. (English) Laura Marano
V.A. (Japanese) Minase Inori
Character Themes Sky's Blessing
Mirai no Hibiki
Ishikawa Haru (石川春? Harriet Skye in the English Dub) is the main protagonist and leader of Infinity Mew Mew. Shy and soft-hearted, Haru is often isolated due to her differences and appearance. After being fused with the DNA of a Sugar Glider, she can transform into Mew Spring, holding the power of the sky and her theme color being purple.


Main article: Ishikawa Haru / History



In her civilian form, Haru has short brown hair tied into a low ponytail and dark green eyes. Her casual wear consists of a purple long-sleeved top and light purple leggings. She also wears a pair of dark purple boots.

Mew Spring


Shy and soft-hearted, Haru is often isolated due to her differences and appearance. Despite this, Haru is a very intelligent girl and is usually nicknamed the "Princess of Intelligence".


Main article: Ishikawa Haru / Relationships

Mew Spring

"The Sky's Light of Hope! Mew Spring!"
Sora no kibō no hikari! Myuusupuringu!

Mew Spring (ミュウスプリング?) is Haru's Mew alter ego after being fused with the DNA of a Sugar Glider. In this form, she holds the power of light and the sky whilst representing hope. Her attack item is the Spring Violin and her main attack is Spring Blooming.


Firstly, Haru throws her Mew Star up into the air whilst shouting Infinity Mew Spring! Metamorphosis!. Afterwards, Haru catches her Mew Star and a purple robe appears as amethyst lights emit from the Mew Star and after the light make contact with the robe, her dress appears and after, her boots. She then recites her introduction and makes her final pose.



Ishikawa (石川?) means "Stone River" with (Ishi?) meaning "Stone" and (Kawa?) meaning "river".

Haru (?) is the Japanese word for "Spring" in which is a direct reference to her alter ego Mew Spring.

Mew Spring means "the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November."[1]


Haru's voice actress, Minase Inori, has participated in several character songs for the character she plays.






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