Hotaru is a fanmade character for the anime and manga series Tokyo Mew Mew. His DNA is merged with a Saharan Cheetah. 


  • Birth date: August 21st
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • School: Unknown
  • Grade: 12th (3rd year high school student by Japanese standards)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Affliations: Sprite



Hotaru Recolour

A young man with a lively expression, Hotaru has bright, roughly cut strawberry-blonde hair parted on the side, gray eyes and somewhat rosy-coloured skin, and has an agile, but well-muscled build. Being largely unfussed about appearance, he's happy to wear the same clothes at home and outside, with tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie and trainers, in cheerful colours.


He has perhaps what is the most casual of Sprite uniforms, consisting of an open-neck black-striped orange shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black slacks held up by suspenders, orange wrist-bands, and lace-up black shoes. During his transformation, he grows white ears and a long tail lightly patterned with gray spots, and his eyes turn silver while his hair takes on a darker, more pronounced tone of orange.


Open-minded, optimistic, and a little childlike, Hotaru has a likeable character, even if he doesn't act his age from time to time. He likes more sweets than what's good for him, and has a tendency to whine when he has to do something he doesn't want to, but he lives with enthusiasm and is always ready to listen with a non-judgemental heart.

Hotaru's a little scatter-brained so he's rather clumsy, and he zones out when complex matters are being discussed. However, out of all the Sprite members, Hotaru is the one to take lead when the others' resolve is shaky, and knows when to be serious. While Hotaru also tends to laugh at himself, he takes other people's own problems very seriously. He is not, in his own words, very good at getting angry or stressed, and he likes to do chores.


  • Unlike the other Sprite members, Hotaru, meaning 'firefly' in Japanese, isn't named after a fictional character, but, alongside his surname Tsukino ('moon field') is still a reference to the Japanese folk tale Princess Moonbeam.
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