Hojo Crepe
Japanese Name 北条クレープ
Mew Name Mew Crepe
Age 14
Animal Giant Kangaroo Rat
Blood Type O
Likes Friends, Pancakes
Dislikes Rules, Being told what to do
Relatives Hojo Ann
Team Mew Mew Le France~
V.A. (Japanese) Miyama Karin
Hojo Crepe (北条クレープ Hojo Curepu) is one of the five main characters of Mew Mew Le France~. Crepe is an energetic and hyperactive, 14 year-old is Parfait's class. To be closer to her best friend, Crepe began working at Cafe La France. 

Crepe's catchphrases are "Sunny!" and "Why not tomorrow ?", while on occasion, she has been known to say "Please!!!" and "I can't wait!"


  • Full Name: Crepe Hojo (北条クレープ, Hojo Curepu)
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Age: 14
  • Mew Information:
    • ​Fused Animal: Giant Kangaroo Rat 
    • Weapon: Twinkle Crepe Arrow 
    • Attack: Sunny Crepe Sunbeam


Crepe has long, dirty blonde hair the ends at her mid-back and her eyes are emerald green. Crepe normally wears a chiffon-yellow sleeveless, strapped blouse with a pair of white overalls with suspenders, having the left hanging over her shoulder. She normally keeps her Mew Pendant in the overalls pocket. She wears a pair of black tennis shoes with magenta leggings, and she wears an ornage, star bracelet on her left wrist. She also wears a pair of square black, rimless glasses.

As Mew Crepe, both her hair and eyes become a light shade of yellow, and she gains perfect vision; no longer needing her glasses. her hair grows down, reaching her backside. She wears a yellow, one-pieced suit without any sleeves or straps. The suit's skirt is rounded at the ends, that reach just below her thighs and she wears a pair of golden-yellow shorts underneath. She wears a matching, yellow garter lined with golden-yellow furr with matching, fingerless gloves and a matching choker that has her Mew Pendant attached. Yellow arm garters lined with golden-yellow furr are on her upper arms. She also gains the ears and tail of the Giant Kangarro Rat. Her boots are ankle-high and match her suit. 

Mew Crepe

"Mew Mew Crepe, Metamorphosis!" 

Crepe kisses her Mew Pendant and and calling the transformation phrase. Next, she puts it to her chest while ehr body is covered in golden-yellow sparkles. Her ears and tail both appear, followed by the background turning from dull yellow to a bright, world full of floating, sparkling crepes of all varieties everywhere. Crepe's Mewfit, gloves and boot along with her choker and garter materialize. Crepe then removes her glasses, symultaneously changing her hair and eyes, and finally she attaches her Mew Pendant to her choker and poses.