Hojo Crepe
Japanese Name 北条クレープ
Mew Name Mew Crepe
Age 14
Animal Volcano Rabbit
Transformation "Mew Crepe Metamorphosis!"
Weapon Crepe Stars
Attack Ribbon Crepe Sunbeam
Birthday July 30th
Height 5'0
Hair Color Dirty Blonde (Crepe) Pale Blonde (Mew Crepe)
Eye Color Gold
Likes Hanging out with friends
Dislikes School
Relatives Hojo Anne (Mother)
Nicknames C-Chan (Parfait) Blondie (Macaron)
Team Mew Mew Le France~
Position Second In Commmand
V.A. (Japanese) Megumi Han
Character Themes C for Crepe
 Hojo Crepe (北条クレープ Hojo Crepe) is the third Mew to join the team. She is infused with the genes of the Volcano Rabbit and her alter ego is Mew Crepe.



Crepe has shoulder length dirty blond hair and sharp, gold eyes. She usually keeps her hair down but will sometimes she will tie it in a bun.

Cafe Uniform

She wears the normal Cafe La Doux uniform.

General Attire

Her usual attire consists of a white Tshirt with covered by a gold cardigan, black shorts and white flats.

Mew Mew

As Mew Crepe, she wears a light yellow choker with white fluff, where her pendant hangs. Her attire consists of a chiffon-yellow colored, strapless outfit which ends in a pair of pantaloons of the same color. To match, on each hand is a fingerless glove. Around her right thigh is a garter which is identical to her choker. To finish the look, are a pair of chiffon-yellow ankle high boots. She then gains a pair of rabbit ears.

General Info

  • Her Blood Type is O.
  • Her Zodiac is a Cancer.
  • Her mew mark is on her shoulder (Heart with rabbit ears).



  • Mew Crepe is the scond Mew Mew in TMM history to not possess a tail after Mew Ringo, but she although has rabbit ears, although Mew Ringo possesses neither.
  • Reason of her tail absense is that infact, Volcano Rabbits have no tail what-so-ever.

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