Mew Anzu Profile
Biographical Information
Age 14
  • Hino Ayumi (mother)
  • Hino Ayumu (father)
Alias Hibiki (響き; Sound)
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 60kg
  • Short, dark orange hair
  • brown eyes
Mew Form
Animal DNA Fox
Weapon Sound Scepter (also called Anzu Rod)
Abilities Apricot Tune
Mew Mark AnzuMewMark
Other Information
  • playing softball
Pets None
Likes playing softball
Dislikes lazy people

Hino Anzu (日野 アンズ Hino Anzu?, Anabel Morris in Mew Mew Flower) is one of the Mew Mews from Flower Mix✿Mew Mew. Anzu is the second girl who becomes a Mew Mew. She has a cheerful, helpful and also kind personality. Anzu is a very sporty girl and don't likes lazy people. However, one of her best friends is Momo, who is very lazy. She transforms into Mew Apricot (ミューアプリコット Myū Apurikotto?). She has the DNA of a fox.


  • Birth Date: June 1st
  • Zodiac:
  • School: Sakuraba Junior High School
  • School Grade: First Year (Middle School)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Affiliations: The Mew Mew Flower Project




Mew Apricot



Mew Mews

  • Aibara Momoki : Momoki's best friend. She knows Anzu since her childhood. They are often aguring because of Momo's lazyness.


Hino (日野?) - Hino comes from Hi (?) meaning "day", "light" or "sun", combined with No (?) meaning "field". So Hino could mean "field of day", "field of light" or "field of the sun". However, if 野 is replaced with の, and her family name is combined with her first name, her name would mean "apricot of the light", "apricot of the day" or "apricot of the sun".

Anzu (あんず?) - Anzu (?) is a Japanese word that means "apricot".

Name Changes


  • Anzu's beta name was Honokiiro Anzu, but was changed to "Hino Anzu", in order to make it sound like an actual Japanese name.



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