Mew Radiant Sun

Hikari is the second person to be welcomed into the Galaxy Mew team, inducted under the alias Mew Radiant Sun.


Hikari is a young twelve-year-old girl who had been rushed to the ships with her grandmother when she was 8. At the time, she felt terrified having to leave her home so suddenly, not understanding exactly what was going on or why. When there, Hikari didn't like living under the harsh conditions of colony life, but soon adjusted to it within a few months. She lived with her grandmother who grew quite sick as time passed, and ended up needing to take care of her as best she could. Within a year of staying on the colony, her grandmother died expressing to her grandchild the hope that one day, everyone could return to their home and be happy again. Unfortunately, it seemed that her hopes had died with her, with Hikari not believing anything in the world would make a difference.

Without anyone to take care of her, Hikari was forced to live alone. She could not do very many jobs since many required those of adult status what with heavy duty tasks at hand, so she decided to ask the shopkeepers in the marketplace if she could work for them in exchange for food. She soon found an older gentleman named Soren took her in and gave the child a job. Not only this, but he practically adopted the girl, watching over her like his own daughter. Hikari liked being around and working for him, but she was often terrified due to the fact that Soren would have to leave her alone several times a day to take care of some other business. He trusted her to be able to watch over things, and while she held up well for the most part, there were times where she would slip up. On one day, when the marketplace was not exceptionally crowded and Soren left Hikari alone, a group of thieves came and stole some of the merchandise from the stall she worked at. Hikari was terrified beyond all reason, and did nothing but watch them make off wth the stuff as a result. When her elder came back, he was shocked and rather angry. However, he did not blame the child and instead decided to fix the problem. Growing up on Earth, Soren learened various fighting techniques that he then decided to teach Hikari in order for her to better defend herself and avoid fear. He taught her that even in the darkest of places, bravery and strength would cause her to shine brighter than any star in the galaxy. Hikari was glad to have been helped by the man and, when she was not watching over the shop, practiced what her mentor

Hikari remains susceptible to fear and manipulation despite her past experiences

had taught her, growing stronger by the day.

Niji and Akio, on their search for another potential candidate for the Galaxy Mew Project, came across Hikari and the Shopkeeper one day and noticed Hikari practicing away. Curious, Niji inquired about her and learned from Soren why she'd been doing this. Akio saw this as an oppertunity and asked the shopkeeper if he could take her in while Nji encouraged the child, who later agreed to let the duo transform her into a mew after she remembered what her grandmother had told her in the past and decided to take a leap of faith. Soren let her go proudly, and Hikari then went with Akio and Niji to the laboratory where she'd be transformed. When Hikari arose in her bright sunny-colored outfit, she smiled brighter than ever before. From then on, Hikari was known as Mew Radiant Sun.


Hikari has the tendency to be very shy at times and become severely afraid, often making it hard to get too close to her. However, she can be quite outgoing when around people she's familiar with. The young Mew is very curious and childish, but also knows how to treat others with respect and kindness. However, she is still very uneasy about being alone and can often let her fear consume her if she is not careful. Her teammates will typically have to keep her calm and take care of her under such circumstances.

Powers and Weapons

Hikari has been infused with the DNA of a black cat, relative to her curiousity and cautiousness as well as her ability to be outgoing at times. When as Mew Radiant Sun, Hikari controls fire and light (heat),  channeling it through her weapon. Hikari will typicall

Pictured with her Blazing Bell

y try to apply what she had learned under Soren in battle when she can. Hikari harnesses the energy and power of the blazing sun as Mew Radiant Sun, and her weapon is the Blazing Bell. The sunny mew attacks with Ribbon Flame Blast.

Relationship With Team


Hikari likes to mess around with Akio and tease him from time to time, but she truly does care about him, considering her mentor to be a sort of father figure who takes care of both she and her group.


Not having had much of a maternal figure in her life besides her Grandmother, Hikari sees Niji as a sort of foster mother. She takes very kindly to her and makes sure to turn to the galactic mew when in trouble.


Hikari doesn't like how Chrysalis can have a tough attitude sometimes and how she often thinks of her sunny teammate as a bit of a scaredy cat, but they get along otherwise and she gets good advice and little lessons from her. When Chrysalis isn't teasing her, Hikari finds that she can be a very good friend, often comforting her when nobody else can if she sees that she must. Hikari considers Chrysalis to be her big sister.


Hikari and Hotaru get along well together, considering each other as close friends. At times, there will be minor childish disagreements, but otherwise they work together as the youngest of their group.


Hikari loves getting advice from Nexus and hearing stories about her home. The young Mew looks up to Nexus greatly, considering her a good friend and someone she can really talk with, since the Ecorian girl is so understanding and kind to her teammates.

Extra Information

Full Name: Hikari Yamamoto

Nationality: Japanese

Age [Pre Colony]: 8

Age [Current]: 12

First Chapter Appearance: To Shine

借りぐらしのアリエッティ「Arrietty's Song」03:24

借りぐらしのアリエッティ「Arrietty's Song」

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