Biographical Information


  • Estranged parents
  • A deceased grandmother
Love Interest


Physical Description







Prefers not to say

  • Black hair
  • Long, usually kept in a bun or low ponytail
  • Bright blue eyes
Mew Form
Mew Name

Mew Caramel Apple

Animal DNA

Black-Footed Cat

Mew Mark

None visible


A Sword (32.5", Fuller cross-section)

Helena Astor is one of the leaders of the New Generation of Mews in Mu Mew Myu (in tandem with Dawn Mulcahy). She's one of the first two Mews to transform and her first appearance is in chapter one.


Helena is a very independent and slightly stubborn person. She is determined to make it on her own in the world and forge her own path without the help of anyone else. This attitude causes her to frequently clash with people who would try to help her (especially her parents, and sometimes even her teammates). Even in fights, she will sometimes go off and just do her own thing because she believes she can handle it all on her own.

She also displays almost motherly behavior towards her teammates. Going hand-in-hand with her tendency to want to do everything herself, is a need to keep everyone else safe. In fights, she's more concerned with keeping everyone else safe than looking after herself, and this can put her in dangerous situations.

When making decisions, she is quite intuitive. A lot of the time, Helena is able to make snap decisions based solely on her gut feelings. She has a real knack for figuring out what to do in the middle of tense situations, which can make her a very efficient problem solver and fluid fighter at times, but also means she doesn't often think about what she's doing in the heat of the moment.


Helena has a rather tube-like figure. Her bust and hips are slightly larger than what would be expected for someone her height, but she has a wider waist as well. Her dark hair makes her light skin look even paler and washed-out, and it is seemingly devoid of any imperfections.

She has dark hair that reaches her mid-back when left to lie flat. It is almost always kept in a low ponytail, or sometimes even a high bun. Her eyes are a shade of blue-green, and are quite large compared to the rest of her facial features, giving her an almost child-like appearance.

The clothing she wears the most could be considered simplistic, and even elegant in some ways. She'll often wear simple black skirts and a fashionable top with flats or small heels and stockings. She also owns several cardigans for when the weather starts to get colder.

Mew Caramel Apple

When transformed, Helena is infused with the genes of the Black-Footed Cat. Her ears become like those of her animal and she also grows a long striped tail. Her eyes turn from their natural blue into gold, and her dark hair becomes a rusty red.

Her outfit is a red shirt that is long in the back and splits open at the front below her naval, revealing a pair of light brown shorts. She wears the standard garter, puffs, and choker that are all red with light brown trim. Her boots go up to just above her ankles, and are red with darker soles. Her gloves are fingerless and red up to her wrist where they become light brown and extend about half way to her elbows.

The weapon she uses is a sword that is forged of a gleaming silvery metal. The hilt itself is light brown with some red material wrapped around the handle to act as a grip. At thirty two and a half inches, the sword is quite long and it takes Helena a little while to be able to control it properly, but once she does, it proves to be very efficient in cutting down Chimera Anima.


  • Helena was actually the first Mew I designed and was originally supposed to fight as one half of a Mew duo with Xin Tsun.
  • Helena is the only Mew whose hair changes color when she transforms. The color of her hair when transformed is apparently the color her hair ended up when she tried bleaching it.
  • She lives and works on her own because she claims her parents were too overbearing and never gave her the freedom she wanted.
  • When her grandmother was alive the two were very close and Helena picked up her love of antiques (especially things like old jewelry).



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