Biographical Information

Harrison Seaver




November 30th



Physical Description







~180 lbs

  • Blonde hair
  • Long, usually in a ponytail
  • Bright blue eyes with a characteristic green rim
  • Tanned skin
Program Information


  • Active
  • Rare


  • Irma Hannan (Yellow)
  • Phil McLeod (White)
  • Core training completed
  • Optional ongoing

Lucky 's character for her entry to Annika's contest.


As a child Harrison lived about as average a life as a child in her place could.  She lived with her parents as an only child (although now she has a younger brother she isn't allowed to know about) in a safe zone city.  It is unknown when exactly she contracted the Plague, but it is assumed that the vector must have been the stray cat that took a liking to her when she was younger (Harrison named it Sophie, but she can barely remember it anymore).

Her abilities first started manifesting at the unusually young age of twelve years old.  As it often is with Mews, the first manifestation was not only painful and unpleasant, but was also mistaken for early symptoms of the Plague which led to her and her family being thrown into quarrantine.  When she started growing a tail instead of dying, her family was released from quarrantine and Harrison was taking to private training facilities reserved for members of the program.

She is not allowed to leave and hasn't seen anyone she knew outside the facility since then.  Harrison doesn't even know if her parents are aware she's alive (they actually are and although they resent having their young daughter just taken from them without a word, some part of them is proud that she's helping to save the human race).


As a Mew, Harrison had a leadership role thrust upon her at a very early age.  She was made well aware that her and people with abilities like her were possibly the only things now standing between humanity and extinction.  This was obviously terrifying to a twelve-year-old who had never had to worry about saving the world before and it resulted in Harrison being constantly jumpy and anxious during her first year of training.

Eventually she grew out of it once she realized she wouldn't just get thrown into the field with no clue about how to use her powers, but she still seriously doubts herself sometimes and is always glad when her teammates are willing to take action for themselves.

Generally though, Harrison is a very calm person.  She is able to keep her cool in high preassure situations (or at least act like she is) and also doesn't let other people get to her.  She thinks anger is a useles emotion and prefers to just let things slide and focus on the more important tasks at hand like, you know, saving the human race and all that jazz.  In fact, Harrison is often seen as the calm to Irma and Phil's storm as the two are often arguing about one thing or another.

It is also a little known fact that Harrison is a hopeless romantic.  As a Mew she is given quite a few freedoms and access to books is one of them.  She's read a few too many old romance novels in her time and has come to believe that even when humans are going extinct everyone still has a soul mate.  She's not in love with anyone herself, but is just waiting for the day when she can set Irma and Phil up on a date because with great conflict comes great sexual tension.


Harrison is of average height for a woman and is built somewhat like an athlete.  She is naturally quite broad shouldered and years of training have caused her to build up substantial muscle mass (ignore the fact that I drew her skinny, I have no idea what I'm doing //sobs).  Her skin appears slightly tanned due to spending hours out in the sun.

Contrasting the "tough" appearance of her body, Harrison has a rather softly shaped face, a delicate snub nose, and seems to have a blush to her cheeks near constantly.

She has long blonde hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail.  When it is in its ponytail it is so long that it reaches quite far down her back and no matter how long it gets she refuses to cut it.  She went into the Program with short bobbed hair and hasn't cut it since.

Harrison's eyes are naturally a a shade of bright blue, but like all Mews they are slowly being engulfed by the green color representative of the plague.  Currently she has just a slight ring around the edges of her irises.

When she uses her abilities, Harrison gains several features of a cat.  Her hands and feet physically mutate in order to become similar in structure to those of a cat (moreso the feet) and hr nails instantly grow into sharp claws.  Her ears turn into those of a cat and she also grows a tail.  Her nose becomes the button type of nose typical of animals and her mouth gains a more curved appearance.  In addition to all this, the areas around where these changes take place (excluding the changes on her face) start to grow a covering a fur.  The fur isn't too noticable as it's the same blonde color of her hair (along with her ears and tail).



You get the idea, right?

As would be expected, when Harrison activates her abilities she gets all the natural benefits a cat would have.  Her hearing and night vision are enhanced far beyond that of a human and the counter-balance her tail gives allows Harrison to perform acrobatic feats she would never otherwise be able to.  In addition, she also becomes significantly more agile and quick.

She has no "magic" abilities and so relies on the natural benefits she gets from being essentially part cat.  In addition to all the enhancements to her senses, Harrison mostly uses her claws to fight.  They are very sharp and she is quite physically strong so she has no problems whatsoever using them like tiny knives and stabbing her enemies in the face.

All her abilities have limits of course.  She's part cat, not part cat-related alien war machine.  Although as her limits are mostly determined by her own physical abilities, Harrison is constantly increasing these limits through training and hard work.


Harrison is on a team of three.  It was previously a team of four, but their Blue died in action.

Irma Hannan

Irma has telekinetic powers.  It is a class of abilities that is quite common, but she manages to set herself apart from the rest by being particularly powerful.  Like every other psychic her powers could technically fall into the category of either Blue or Yellow, but Irma earned herself a Yellow jacket after proving that no matter how well she could throw a guy across a room, she was much better at creating semi-permiable barriers.  She is one of the few people who can create a barrier that will allow humans and any ranged attacks to pass through them, but not Berserkers.

She is also a certified genius as well as the oldest of the three team members.  These are two facts she never hesitates to bring up whenever she feels like it.  Her designation is 62-06 and although her abilities were first discovered in the same year as Harrion's (that's when they were discovered by authorities anyways, because she was already very knowledgable about how to use her abilities it is suspected that she must have been practicing by herself for years, but Irma will never admit to anything) the two never really spoke until they were placed on a team together.

Phil McLeod

It is a turth universally acknowledged that Phil is very very strange.  His powers are strange, his personality is strange, and his chosen nickname is strange (but also deliciously punny).  Chlorophil McLeod has the ability to take on the physical properties of whatever solid matter he is touching.  He earned his nickname because he especially enjoys taking on the properties of plants because "photosynthesis is delicious".  True to the nature of his powers, Phil is a very flexible and easygoing guy.  He also likes puns.  Irma does not.

He has a White jacket simply because the nature of his powers is so volatile and bizarre that he couldn't be classified as anything else.  His designation is 64-09, but even so he's only a few months older than Harrison.

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