Hana's flesh stone

Hana no sasayuki AKA Mew fate, is the second Mew in sailor sonata's new fanfic Tokyo jewel mew: flesh stones of victory.

Personality and appearance

Hana has ruby red eyes and white hair, meaning she's an albino, She always wears blue clothes, to match her flesh stone pendant. She is a very kind person and is the most fun of all the mews.

Mew fate and other things

Mew fate is the mew form of hana, her blue outfit is modelled after mew pudding's outfit, and she was infused with the DNA of a chameleon, her choker is where the flesh stone of fate hangs

Her transformation line is: "flesh of fate! Transform!"


her team

she is mainly best friends with ai but she will do anything to defend them all from Saphir and his underlings.

the aliens and Tokyo mew mews.

she is best friends with pudding and taruto, but she is primarily loved by all.

Her family

she is a bit distant from her family except her unamed parents who love her a lot, there personal favourite in other words.


like ai she hates him and will do anything to stop him from harming any people who are not able to defend themselve.


~ her name means whisper of flower

~ her cameleon features change colour based on her mood.

~ she is the only albino mew so far.

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