General information

Name: Ganache.

Color pallet: Pale blue, greyish light tan, dark chocolate brown, ginger, grey-blue, cyan, and indigo.

Personality: Ganache is a little socially awkward, and is easily startled. He's generally a free spirit, and is of a kinder nature than the other aliens. Granted, he does have his violent moments.

Alignment: Neutral(not a villain or a hero unless they so choose at any given moment, not really sticking to one side or the other.)

Appearance: ganache is tall and kind of gangly. his hair is a dark chocolatey brown, and is tied into three tails, two in front of his ears, and one on the back of his head. Ganache wears a long sleeved, medium blue grey shirt which bares a very wide neckline, and a white tank top underneath. He sports a pair of baggy pants that hand over his feet causing frequent tripping. His eyes are a startling shade of cyan blue, and are rimmed with indigo


What no chocolate?

Likes: anything and everything having to do with chocolate. Cats

Dislikes: ganache is terrified of dogs, and hates loud smelly motor vehicles with a burning passion.

Weapons: He usually sports a pair of wrist daggers.

Fighting style: referring to use others weaknesses, and fight in the shadows, you rarely ever actually see him during combat.


Ganache became a rouge alien shortly after being introduced to earth. His kind nature renders a kind of person who couldn't being the self to hurt or damage any living creature. Ganache has a fond attachment to plants and animals, and finds them intriguing, and enjoyable. Realizing that by destroying the humans they could do more harm to the ecosystem than good, he decided that he was going to have to take matters into his own hands and get things done In a better way. Leaving to seek a way to find such means of help, he eventually encountered mews, which he found very annoying. Due to the fact that he never had any formal training in earth customs and such, he never learned to speak English... Or any other language for that matter, leaving him with very few words he can actually say(which are chocolate, cat, hello, goodbye, alien, and mew. Ganache mostly communicates via hand signals, gestures, and facial expressions. The Mews and Aliens think of him as a villain, Without realzing that he's on both of their sides really. He has a terrible fear of dogs, and is easily startled or amused by sudden movement and loud noises. Never let him pet your cat or you'll never get the cat back. Interaction with both mews and aliens is usually flight, not fight


Traditional black and white

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