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Galaxy Mew Mew is an AU created by AnnikaDoll.

In the near future, a parasitic race of aliens, known as Chimera Anima have  managed to overrun the planet Earth, resulting in the human race fleeing to space in colony ships to survive.

The Galaxy Mews are a group of biological superweapons created to fight against the Chimera Anima and clear out the Earth so that the humans may return to it. They were subjects of the Galactic Mew Project, started and completed by a young geneticist named Akio Fujioka. The team consists of five girls of different ages, personalities and backgrounds. Each Galaxy Mew contains a specific power or element that they can control and channel through their weapons and are all infused with the DNA of a particular animal. Each Galaxy Mew possesses a specific theme related to what power they have, all of which are linked to space in some way.


In the near future, hoards of parasitic jellyfish-like creatures that infect living hosts and transform them into terrible creatures were released throughout the world, resulting in the Earth becoming overrun by what came to be known as Chimera Anima. A man named Akio started working on a project that would transform five people into biological superweapons and allow them fight against these creatures, hoping to complete it in time to save the Earth. Unfortunately he came much too late. Colony ships had been built at the same time as his project was being crafted that would allow the human race to survive outside of their planet, far from the creatures that overran it, and when the Chimera Anima began to run free without any way to stop them, the humans fled their planet in them in an event known as the rush.

Each colony had allowed only a certain number of people on board, not including scientists and world leaders that were guaranteed a safe passage. As such, not everyone was able to escape: Some families were split apart by being misplaced, and others through loss of family members. Anyone who had escaped, especially with their loved ones, was considered lucky. Akio was one of those people, managing only to escape with whatever research and essentials he could and leaving everything else behind. As such, his project had to be reconstructed almost completely from scratch--a four year endeavor. He had been granted permission by his Colony's captain and head scientists to initiate the Mew Project as soon as he could find five subjects to use. Soon after completing his work, Akio went on in search for his Mew team.


Akio- A scientist and the creator of the Galactic Mew Project. He trains and guides the Galaxy Mews on their missions.

Niji- A feisty young lady living a rough life in the colony; the first to become a Galaxy Mew.

Hikari- The second Galaxy Mew. She is kind and radiant, but terribly shy, timid and susceptible to fear.

Chrysalis- The third Galaxy Mew: She lost her sight during the rush, with lack of proper equipment preventing her from getting the surgery she needed to get it back until years later. Awfully headstrong and brave.

Hotaru- The fourth Galaxy Mew-- a bubbly, energetic prankster who has fun with everything she does.

Nexus- A young Alien girl harnessing immense bouts of energy whose home planet and people were destroyed by an enemy race. She is the Fifth and final Galaxy Mew.

Ehne- The Antagonist of Galaxy Mew Mew--A Gelatenous Alien lifeform who has created a subspecies of parasitic beings that essentially become Chimera Anima.

Other Side Characters- Close friends and relatives of Akio and the Galaxy Mews



Scientists are the ones who would regulate the life on the colony and assure that everything is in balance. They work on things such as sustaining an artificial gravitational pull, containing viruses, germs and bacteria, providing and even recycling oxygen, among other things. They have invented and continue to invent things and processes to allow life to be sustained in space on the colonies.


All of the colony ships were positioned somewhat close to earth for the sake of ease-of-access for supplies. Astronauts, so named due to going between the colonies and Earth, are those chosen to search for any supplies, food, and other items that had been abandoned on earth. They are ordered to only collect what they can and drop everything immediately to return to the colony if any Chimera Anima were spotted. Any food collected was brought to the marketplace to be traded, and any metal and tools collected were kept for maintenance on the ship.


Merchants often just residents of the colony who happened to have quite a few items on their hands, work in the marketplace. Money had become obsolete for many residents, so the people bartered and traded for food and clothing. Those who had come with nothing often had to resort to theft, so crime is rather high. There are a few merchants that get their supplies directly from the supply room with the Captain's approval, but not many do. This was done to keep trade going, and help those who relied on trade to make a living for themselves on the colony.


Officers are chosen according to strength and trustworthiness. Most officers in the colonies had been policemen and policewomen or even soldiers on earth and were the first to be allowed onto the colonies. They protect the people and attempt to minimize crime, especially theft, typically roaming around the Marketplace where the most crime takes place.


Doctors live daily lives as any other resident. Due to lack of proper equipment, they can't treat many diseases or disorders and can only work on physical wounds. Each doctor carries around a satchel (and this indicated that someone was indeed a doctor) with necessary tools to perform basic operations if needed. Some doctors work with the scientists and have their own operating rooms in the laboratories for serious injuries that require surgery.

The Colonies

Each colony ship had been equipped with bunkers [called cabins] for single persons or families, a laboratory for scientists to work in, a marketplace, and other essentials. Each colony was assured a captain and co-captain, officers, a team of scientists, doctors, mechanics, 'astronauts' and other needed workers that made the colony function. If a colony was short on workers, then various residents could volunteer for work. If no volunteers came in, then people would be chosen to work. However, for the most part, everyone intended to do what they could and got a job, since most jobs would pay them with food or other necessities. Each group of workers would indeed have a boss, someone who regulated things and handed food [payment] to their workers.They were selectively chosen before people were even allowed onto the ships. They would typically report to the captain after each day of work on regulations, stock, and all the lot.

There are various areas of the ship that either help the ship function, house residents, are used for science or simple activities.


The Cabins are basically living spaces for every individual on the ship and come in various sizes depending on the number of residents, such as for families and single people. There are only a set number of each, so in some instances where a ship has more families than single persons, not everyone will get the perfect cabin. While some get their own family size cabin, others will have to be broken apart and live in singular cabins. Others may have more single people but not enough cabins, so some people are forced to live together in family cabins. There exists more refined cabins that are much roomier and are equipped with more features. These are reserved for people like scientists, the captain [who has his own private cabin connected to the ship's main control room], and other elite workers who had been allowed onto the ships before everyone else. Group cabins are for people like officers and Astronauts who all work together, but in different areas of the ship [Much like firefighters who live in the same place they work]. There are few of these great cabins, but they vary in size and are very elegant.


The laboratories are for the scientists and doctors that perform surgeries and examinations. While it is very large with various sections according to different fields, and while it is shared by every scientist in a colony, there are numerous sects that scientists are split into. Each sect will include people experienced in various fields. The Laboratories are closer to the bottom of the ship, and are formed with immensely solid walls to keep any accidents that happen out of resident's ways so as not to harm anyone.

Boiler/Machine rooms

The boiler and machine rooms, which are almost a hybrid and coincide, include mechanisms that keep the ship running.There are mechanics and other related workers who work there and are paid in food.

The Community Space

The community space is much like a public park. Each colony had one established. It includes artificially grown plantlife, artificial grass, benches, a metal walkway, and is surrounded by walls that were decorated to give the illusion of being outside. The community space includes a set of lights that are fashioned to shine in a way that resembles sunlight, transitioning in intensity according to the sun's natural light. This space is used for may activities for those who are not currently working or busy. People bring their children, some people jog, exercise or just walk around, others will spend time under artificial oak trees and so on and so forth.

The Market

The market is an area in which trade is done for food, clothes and other items necessary to survive. There are merchants with stalls packed mostly with food items such as fruits, vegetables and sometimes cooked meat [considered a rarity], and other items such as clothing and accessories. It is typically very crowded with people looking to trade for a day's meal or looking for clothes or other things that they might use to trade. The market is packed with thieves as well.

Docking and Launch Bays

These are bays used typically by astronauts to go back and forth between their colony and earth for supplies. The Docking bay is sort of like a garage, and it has a large amount of miniature ships lined up in rows. Each ship can be worked by any astronaut, and no astronaut has their own set ship, and can choose whichever is available. The Docking bay has a door with a window that is sealed off, and behind it is the Launch bay. It is a room large enough to fit several ships, but typically only receives or releases two or three at a time. It is also sealed off by a heavy windowed door that, when opened, allows a ship to take off into space and toward earth. The control to open and seal these gates is located near the door in the Docking bay, and always has someone regulating it when a ship is prepared to land or to take off.

Supply Room

The supply room is a rather large room where all gathered supplies from earth are stored. Only astronauts and the Captain, as well as a few stock regulators, are allowed there. Astronauts will typically be the ones to distribute food and other supplies to workers and specified merchants.

Artificial Gardens

These aren't strictly gardens per se, but in fact a sort of area where wheat, fruits and vegetables can be grown artificially and later harvested. Although they are not grown the same way as on earth, what is grown there still contains the same nutritional value and taste. Residents of a colony can work here in order to earn their own fruits and vegetables to live off of. Nobody gets to keep absolutely everything they harvest, but they do get paid a fair amount of it for their work.


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Created by AnnikaDoll