Future Cross✞Mew Mew (フューチャークロス✞ミュウミュウ Fu~yūchā Kurosu✞Myūmyū) is CureKanade's new fanseries that represents her return to the wiki. The story is about two girls who have some sort of past connection and are joined by two girls who too become Mew Mews and a mysterious Mew in their battle to save the world. The themes are time and fruits.


Could time be mucked up so easily? Well according to Mew Kuromi it can. Animals that aren't supposed to be extincted yet have become extinct now in the present and now Mew Kuromi and her robot partner Debi travel into the present to search for the new Mew Mews to help with returning time back to how it should be and also at the same time, save Earth from being destroyed.

Meanwhile, Takashima Cherry, a scaredy cat who has an interest in animals, and Aoki Youko, a calm girl who has a few social problems, both bump into a middle age woman who hands them over each a glowing sphere, the pink one for Cherry and the blue for Youko. But when the two girls decide to search for the woman who had disappeared right after giving them the spheres, floating stuffed animal like toys appeared from inside the spheres and each told the girls their mission. So when Choco, a member of the Aliens appeared, the two girls find out that they had been given the abilities to become Mews when they were very young and must transform into the new Mew Mews to save the world!


Mew Mews

Takashima Cherry (高島チェリー Takashima Cherī)/ Mew Cherry (ミュウチェリー Myū Cherī) - She has the DNA of a bunny and the fruit she represents is apple.

Aoki Youko (青木洋子 Aoki Youko)/ Mew Youko (ミュウヨウコ Myū Youko) - She has the DNA of the bottle nose dolphin and the she represents is the Kiwifruit.

Kudou Nina (工藤ニナ Kudō Nina)/ Mew Nina (ミュウニナ Myū Nina) - She has the DNA of a tiger and the fruit she represents is the banana.

Misora Tori (美空トーリ Misora Tōri)/ Mew Tori (ミュウトーリ Myū Tōri) - She has the DNA of the robin and the fruit she represents is the passionfruit.

Hanasaki Kuromi (花咲クロミ Hanasaki Kuromi)/ Mew Kuromi (ミュウクロミ Myū Kuromi) - She has the DNA of the Tasmanian devil and the fruit she represents is the blackberry.


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