Furosutingu Pinkuhime in her mew form.

Personality and Backstory

Frosting is a happy and silly girl. She doesn't hate many things and is typically positive. She can however be easily agitated and it's advised to not make her angry. She was hand selected by Honda to become the leader of Tokyo Mew Mew: A la Crème due to her high tolerance of animal genes. After fiddling with animals for a while he decided to make a, 'super mew mew,' that could function as a one-Mew team. However, things don't quite go as planned.

Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives Unamed mother, father, and sister.
Alias Mew Frosting
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 120lbs
Description Skinny but not underweight, tall
Mew Form
Animal DNA Black-Footed Ferret + Siberian Crane
Weapon Frosting Wand
Abilities Destroy enemies, large stun effects
Mew Mark Located on upper sternum
Other Information
Talents Drawing, running, swimming, being agile.
Pets N/A, unless you count her robot, Onigiri.
Likes Sweets, pasta, cute animals, being a Mew.

Mean people.

Mew Form

Frosting is infused with the genes of the endangered Black-Footed-Ferret and the critically endangered Siberian Crane. Her wings are strong enough to fly with. Her hair changes from light pink to bright pink and her eyes change from aqua to hot pink. Her outfit consists of the usual choker with pendant, puffy sleves and garter. She has a dress with the fuzz trim at the top with ruffles at the bottom. Her garter has a bow on it, her boots are white with pink fuzz and hot pink bows. The bow on her tail acts like Ichigo's in that it activates her weapon. She has a bow on the back of her outfit as well as two on the front. Her gloves are white with bright pink trim and hot pink bows. Her Mew mark is a heart with wings, swirls and dots.

Her weapon is the Frosting Wand her attack is, "Ribbon Frosting Sparkle!" which knocks out enemies, or in certain situations, heavily stuns.


Furo pixel cheeb1
Mew frosting new ref

A more updated reference of Mew Frosting.

Mew aqua frosting2

Mew Frosting in her Mew Aqua Form


  • Her name translates into, "Frosting Pink-Princess."
  • Her design took a long time to fixate.

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