Furi is a happy-go-lucky girl. She's hyper, peppy and very easy to befriend. She enjoys most things but dislikes bad weather or mean people. You can usually find her running around in the park due to her energy level.


Furi was just your averge Japanese middle schooler, until she was hit by the, "Mew Beam." and thus became a Mew Mew. Her mother and father have yet to be named. She has and older brother. She is 13 years old. Her name translates into, "Sprinkle Yellow-Cloud." She's very clingy to Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, and Creamsicle. She isn't trusting of Taffy and thinks Sorbet is a big party-pooper. She does her best to keep Sorbet cheerful, but hasn't been so successful.

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Biographical Information
Age 13

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Fater

Tamago (Older Brother)

Alias Mew Sprinkle
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'1"
Weight 90lbs
Description Short and skinny (but not over so)
Mew Form
Animal DNA San Joaquin Kit Fox
Weapon Spinkle Bounce Ball
Abilities Stun and confuse enemies
Mew Mark Located on lower inner right thigh
Other Information
Talents Joke telling, running, scribbling.
Pets N/A
Likes Rabbits, friends, drawing, older brother, Waatame and Tafi

Mew Sprinkle

In her Mew form she infused with the genes of the endangered San Joaquin Kit Fox .Her eyes change from brown to bright yellow, her hair changes from pale yellow to light lemon.

Her outfit consits of a split dress with white lace at the bottom. She has white gloves with pale yellow bow ties at the wrist. Her shoes are flats with ties just above the knee. Like a mews on the Pastel Sweets Team she has a bow on her garter. Her pendant markings and mew mark are both a pale yellow, he mew mark is located on her lower inner thigh. Her mark is shaped like a fox's head in the shape of a heart.


Her weapon is a boucy ball called, "Sprinkle Bounce Ball," her attack name is know as, "Ribbon Sprinkle Bash!" It is used to temporarily confuse or stun enimes.


  • Her original genes were the Bawean Deer, but after I lost the page that I wrote mews down on I began to think about other Mews more. After I rediscovered the page I changed her genes to better fit her personality.
  • She had an older brother named Tamago (Egg) who is on the Holiday Mew Team and has the genes of the Kagu, is one of two male mews that I own, the other being Mew Rootbeer who has the genes of the Baja California Rock Squirrel.

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