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Flower Mix ✿ Mew Mew
The protagonists of the anime
Anime Information
Written by Yousei A. Sina
Studio FairyBerry Productions
Original network Fairy~TV
Episodes 47 episodes
Themes Flowers
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N/A Pâtisserie Mew Mew
Flower Mix ✿ Mew Mew (フラワーミックス✿ミュウミュウ?) is FairySina's first Tokyo Mew Mew fanfiction. The Story is about six girls, who become the new Mew Mews and fight for the sake of our world. The story plays many years after the events in Tokyo Mew Mew and takes place in a different town. It features two sisters, who become Mew Mews. The themes of the are flowers but also fruits.




Mew Mews

Aibara Momo (相原 モモ Aibara Momo?)
Momo was the first girl to join the Flower Mew Mew project. She is a energetic, very cheerful but also clumsy girl, who loves sweets very much. Even though Momo is quite good in at athletics, Momo can also be quite lazy. Momo's DNA is fused with the one of an artic wolf and her alter ego is Mew Peach (ミューピーチ Myū Pīchi?). Mew Peach is also known as the fruit of love.

Hino Anzu (日野 アンズ Hino Anzu?)
Anzu is the second girl who becomes a Mew Mew. She has a cheerful, helpful and also kind personality. Anzu is a very sporty girl and don't likes lazy people. However, one of her best friends is Momo, who is very lazy. She transforms into Mew Apricot (ミューアプリコット Myū Apurikotto?). She has the DNA of a fox.

Arisu Kurisu (有栖 クリス Arisu Kurisu?)
Kurisu was the third girl to join the Flower Mew Mew project. Kurisu is a calm but very honest member of the student council of her school. Due to her elegant princess-like appearance, Kurisu is admired by the people around her, especially at school. Kurisu's DNA is fused with the one of a squirrel and her alter ego is Mew Chris (ミュークリス Myū Kurisu?). Mew Chris also known as the chestnut of peace.

Amaguchi Aoi (天口 アオイ Amaguchi Aoi?)
Aoi is the fourth girl who becomes a Mew Mew. She is a bit arrogant and talks rarely to people, she does not know or like. Her family is very rich. Tough her arrogance, she is also a loner. She transforms into Mew Blue (ミューブルー Myū Burū?). She has the DNA of a mouse.

Hanami Tsubaki (花海 ツバキ Hanami Tsubaki?)
Tsubaki is one of the sisters who transform into the Flower Mew Mews. She is the older one and takes more responsibilities as her sister. She is also one of the best students in her school. She is Kurisu's best friend and likes to spend time with her. She transforms into Mew Camellia (ミューカメリア Myū Kameria?). She has the DNA of a cat.

Hanami Sokei (花海 ソケイ Hanami Sokei?)
Sokei is Tsubaki's younger sister. She is the last girl who transforms into a Mew Mew and second who transforms into the Flower Mew Mew. She has a wilder personality as her sister or the others Mews. Jasmine has a lot friends and always tries to beat her sister because she wants to impress her. She transforms into Mew Jasmine (ミュージャスミン Myū Jasumin?). She has the DNA of a cat.


Fluff (フラフ Furafu?)
Fluff is a purple little robot with fleecy fur and big heart shaped eyes. He has much similarities to Masha from Tokyo Mew Mew. But unlike Masha, Fluff is flower shaped. and has little angel wings.


Shinku (シンク Shinku?)
Shinku is one of the main villains of this series. Her name means Crimson a shade of red.

Usabeni (ウサベニ Usabeni?)
Usabeni is one of the main villains of this series.

Tsukikage (ツキカゲ Tsukikage?)
Tsukikage is one of the main villains of this series. His name menas Moon's Shade.

Great Faint (グレート・フェーント Gurēto fēnto?)
Great Faint is the actual main villain of this series.

Minor Characters

Kiyama Itsuki (基山 樹 Kiyama Itsuki?)
Itsuki is a tomboyish young lady, who owns a flower shop. Due to her appearance and her behavior, Istuki is usually confused to be a boy. Itsuki also created the Flower Mew Mew project.


  • Mew Flower Shop - Mew Flower Shop is the main base of operations for the Mews in Flower Mix✿Mew Mew.



  • Major changes in May 2017:
    • Aiobara Momo (Mew Momo) was renamed to Aibara Momo (Mew Peach).
    • Honokiiro Anzu (Mew Anzu) was renamed to Hino Anzu (Mew Apricot).
    • Hikajitsu Kukki (Mew Kukki) was renamed to Arisu Kurisu (Mew Chris).
    • Kinominiwa Ichigo (Mew Berry) was renamed to Amaguchi Aoi (Mew Blue).
    • Hanaimoto Tsubaki (Mew Calla) was renamed to Hanami Tsubaki (Mew Camellia).
    • Hanaimoto Jasmine (Mew Jasmine) was renamed to Hanami Sokei (Mew Jasmine).
    • Fluffy was renamed to Fluff.
    • The villains Konjo, Hikage and True Colorles have been renamed to Usabeni, Tsukikage and Great Faint.



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