Flower🌺Power Mew Mew (Flower🌺Powerミュウミュウ?) is the successor of Tokyo Mew Mew: Parfait. This series theme is mostly flowers, but also has a bit of conflicted-relationships and romance.


All the flowers in the world are in danger. But not only that, the whole earth is. Which one do you think is worse? Anyways, the past Mew Mews are no help, so that leaves a transfer student who anti-social, a girl who throws chairs at people, the serious president, and the "heartless" college grad. What's the worst that can happen? I mean, the planet can be doomed and blow up. That won't be so bad. Well, it would be the end me, the speaker. And you... hehe..



  • Sakuraba Aiko (桜庭愛子) is a transfer student at Forever Flower Private School. Aiko never really had friends since she was in 4th grade. That changed when her family took her in and home-schooled her. Her only friends were her family. She became antisocial; never talked to anyone. On her first day, she found the school garden dieing. Even the trees. Aiko went straight to took care of it. When she touched the flowers, they grew instantly. When she touched a Cherry Blossom tree, a new set of petals started to grow. Aiko D.N.A was special. She eventually obtained D.N.A of a flower and became Mew Blossom (ミュウブロッサム?).

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