Fawna is the second member of the Doux Mew Mews.

Mew lime 2
Fawna Lemaire
Mew Name Mew Lime
Age 12
Animal Bengal Tiger
Weapon Light Sword
Attack Ribbon Lime Swing
Zodiac Gemini
Birthday June 5, 2003
Height 5' 0"
Weight 90 pounds
Hair Color Red, about shoulder length
Eye Color Forest green
Blood Type O positive
Likes Spring, animals, music, friends, computers, nature, humor, using sarcasm, and plays on words
Dislikes Boredom, mean people, and being alone
Team Doux Mew Mews


Red hair a little longer than shoulder length, green eyes, pale skin, and freckles. Like Arielle, she is fairly short and skinny.

As a mew mew, her eyes become bright and her hair is in two pigtails. She has a green hairclip, which matches her dress that is green with darker green accents. She has the tail and ears of a tiger.


Fawna loves a good joke and she is constantly making them. She has a good humor but sometimes doesn't know when to stop. Being gemini, she has two aspects to her personality, her side with friends and her side when she is alone.

Around friends Fawna is always happy (well, more like sometimes) and jokes around a lot. She does like to make smart alek remarks and uses quite a bit of sarcasm sometimes. She's a tomboy and fairly nice but sometimes makes a mean joke without really thinking about it. Fawna loves making music and plays the drums. She has a large circle of friends, but not all of them are very close.

On her other side Fawna is irritable, but also calm and thoughtful. She is much more serious and thinks much deeper and is generally better to be around, although she is usually only like this alone, so if you sneak up on her or interrupt her she will get very angry.


Fawna has four older brothers, all of whom are constantly teasing and annoying her. If she didn't have a sense of humor and a tolerance for them, she'd probably go crazy. She has two parents and is not the richest girl ever as she goes to a public school. In school she is constantly moved around for talking to people during class.

Fawna got injected with the genetics at the same time as Arielle, but realized she had them a few days later, when Arielle talks to her for the first time. They go to the same library, so that is where she learned about being a mew, although she was super excited, she secretly had her doubts. That is, until she and Arielle had to fight a monster and she used her powers for the first time.

Fawna got along fairly well with Arielle and was happy that she had "super powers" just like in her comics and novels back home.


"Mew Lime, metamorphose!"

"Ribbon Lime Swing!"

"I'm a mew mew! Wait, what's that?"

"Whoa, this is officially the coolest thing ever!"


  • Fawna's brothers' names are Adrien, Henri, Joseph, and Lucas.
  • Fawna's favorite kind of humor are corny jokes.
  • Fawna has a list of corny jokes in her pocket at all times.
  • Fawna wishes she were in a band.

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