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Eruda Kuro
Japanese Name Elder Black
Mew Name Myu ElderBerry
Age 16
Animal Iberian Lynx
Transformation None
Weapon ElderChime
Attack Ribbon ElderBerry Score
Zodiac Unknown
Birthday December 8
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Red
Blood Type Unknown
Likes Fish, nights, sunsets, pranks
Dislikes Work, sloth, Eira
Relatives Unnamed parents
Nicknames Ruda
Team Myu Team B
Position Scout
V.A. (English) Ashleigh Ball
V.A. (Japanese) Kanae Ito
Character Themes GDFR by Flo Rida
Eruda Kuro, also known as Myu ElderBerry, is a supporting character in Mew Amelia's fan fiction, Berry Sweet Myu Myu. She is from the village of Grew, and chosen to be the 10th champion for the 24th Kenosha Sento.


Eruda has shown to be impatient, tomboyish, and quite rude. She has a strange personality that most cannot figure out. Despite the fact she's the fastest and strongest in her city, Eruda was anything BUT excited when she was picked for Kenosha Sento.



As a human, Eruda has black hair and black eyes. She is usually found wearing her Shinto uniform.


As a Myu, Eruda has dark purple hair and red eyes. She has a dark purple tutu and gains Lynx ears and tail. She also has red gloves on and high heel boots.





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